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9.6.18 Roach bream hybrids

The Flying Tench


Local lake 7 - 9.30pm

Aim was to catch some quality roach on float and sweetcorn, feeding hemp. At the first peg I couldn't get past an army of skimmers, so switched peg. Almost immediately I had a nice fish of 1lb 13oz that looked roachy, but I am sure wasn't. The scales weren't bright enough for a silver bream, so I concluded it was a roach bream hybrid. But to be sure I took out my camera that I had put in the bag a year ago when a similar fish identification issue came up, only to find the battery had gone dead. Grrrrr...


Next fish was 1lb exactly, but there was more of a bluey silver sheen, as with a roach, at least at the back, and the fins were quite orange, more so than pics of roach bream hybrids I have seen; but it still didn't look quite right for a roach. The final fish was 1lb 2oz, and even more roach like! But still not quite right. I can't think what else they were, so I'm counting them all as roach bream hybrids.


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