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9 December

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Brimpton


1045 - 1415


Bright and sunny after a brief but torrential shower. River lower than I expected after a wet week and carrying a tinge of colour.


6 Chub: 6lb 4oz, 5lb 6oz, 4lb 7oz, 3X 1-2lbers. 1 brownie circa 1lb.


I've fished Brimpton regularly since I joined NAA in 1982 and whilst I catch 5lb+ chub most seasons I've never had a 6 until today! Thing is I didn't even plan to fish here today but I turned up at Hambridge to find my 2 favoured swims surprisingly occupied - so a quick change of plan was called for. Fished 5 swims in total giving each around 40mins - and had the fish from 3 of them - and didn't even drop into what I usually consider to be my banker chub swim - didn't seem much point after such a splendid return!




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