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19/20 June

Chris Plumb


Johnsons Lake - Marsh Farm


1600 - 2315 & 0245 - 0500 (with 3 hours kip in the car)


Warm, muggy overcast with showery rain all evening. Bright an breezy in the morning.


11 Tench; 5 over 5lb, best 3 - 7lb 7oz, 6lb 7oz, 6lb 4oz. 3 Crucians; 3lb 14oz (new PB), 3lb 2oz, 2lb 10oz. 2 Rudd to 10oz.


Another cracking June trip here - 4th season in a row - though this one was definitely more eventful! My hopes weren't high to start with as reports from the first few days were of anglers struggling. Most of these were casting to the horizon and after carp whereas I would be float fishing the first few yards of lake for crucians. Things did get off to a slow start but quickly got going as the light faded. The 2 rudd were all I caught before 2000 - then came the 3 crucians in ascending size order - I thought the biggie had to be a 4lber and was shaking as a weighed it! After that the tench moved in - bullying the crus out of the swim methinks as I didn't get another sniff of one.


The morning was just as eventful - for all the wrong reasons because I, err, fell in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No half measures either, slipped/tripped just as I was casting out my float rod and went head first into the drink. Lost my glasses and head torch - thankfully I have some prescription sunglasses which got me home. Phone seems to have gone into some kind of safe mode so it 'might' be ok - currently drying out....Pride comes before a fall they say! Pity as I was still catching and had planned to stay much longer......







Tench 7-7.jpg

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Congrats on your splendid pb crucian, Chris!


Bad luck falling in. I fell in the Thames a couple of years ago. In a lunatic kind of way, for some reason, I was pleased! I think perhaps I found it funny. But I wouldn't have been pleased if I'd lost my car keys, just a hearing aid which NHS replaced for free. But a real pain losing your specs, as you say.


Wow, a good start to the season having a pb under your belt already!

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