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Thames bait-dropper, pellet 19.8.2019

The Flying Tench


7 - 8.30pm

For the first time in the Thames I used bait-dropper. I cast out 10 bait-droppers full of 3mm pellets, and then fished feeder with 6mm halibut pellet about 5 rods out. At first it was bite-a-chuck, and very positive bites, too. Within 5 minutes I had a 12oz roach, which is actually my pb for the Thames. Then they got a bit cagey, and I missed a lot of bites. I wondered if the hair was too long and they were sucking the bait and not really having the hook in their mouth? Next time I must take sweetcorn as a second bait. Then the bites pretty well dried up, and I was getting cold so I pushed off home.


But I wonder why the bites dried up? Perhaps it was a big shoal and they had eaten up all my goodies and moved on? Though some feed was going in, still, from the feeder. It could have been a pike, I suppose, but it didn't take any of the fish I had on. Next time I guess I should top up the feed with the dropper after an hour or so.


Just 3 roach, but two of them over 10 oz, and I was pleased with the initial effect of the feeder.

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