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1 March

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Hambridge

0930 - 1230

Cool, bright and quite breezy at times. AT 5-7ºC.  River very high - highest I've seen it this winter - though with minimal colour.

1 Chub 2lb 13oz. 3 Grayling - one close to 1lb the other 2 half that. 1 Dace. 2 Brownies a 2lber and a tiddler.

Fished for over an hour for my first bite - just starting to doubt my sanity and planning a move around the corner to fish the Lambourn when the bigger grayling turned up. Clearly the slow trickle of maggot worked as the chub was next cast and thereafter had slow but steady sport in unpromising conditions.


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