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Chris Plumb


Warwicks Water - Thatcham

1800 - 2300

Warm sticky evening - shirtsleeves weather - apart from the mossies!

1 Tench; 2lb 7oz. 2 doz+ Roach & Perch (2-1 in favour of roach) - all small - save for a couple of perch which might have pushed 6-8oz.

Started off float fishing maggot - a plan that I was quickly dissuaded from - as the float never had time to cock before I had a fish on. So within half an hour I'd switched to corn and settled down to an evening watching a stationary float. With the light fading I switched to prawn sections - hoping this wouldn't be a magnet for the perch! Thankfully the only bite came a little after 2200 just as I was contemplating packing up when without warning the float shot under and a muscular male tench was the result. This success prompted me to stay another hour without so much as a flicker of further activity.


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