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26 August

Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Brimpton

1800 - 2300

Warm, still evening (calm after the storm!). River up a tad and carrying a bit of colour (and the odd branch!)

2 Roach (handsized). 2 Dace. 3 Gudgeon & a Brownie (small).

An hour's trotting - hopeful of a chub - but really just a blank prevention measure (!) followed by 4 hours staring at a couple of isotopes willing one of them to wrap around with a three foot twitch. Alas the only excitements came from the crayfish and numerous bats crashing into the line.....


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Sounds a tough evening. No blackberrys to pick either. Selfishly, its comforting to hear that even the maestros struggle a bit on occasion though I wish you a barbel or two next time.

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Not exactly unexpected - I've not had a Kennet barbel (from anywhere) since Oct 2016 - when I had a 10lber from this swim. 2017/18 season I put in over 150 rod hours for them without so much as a bite so I'm now down to the odd session - expecting a blank! Still at least I caught my first gudgeon from here in 5 years!!

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Gudgeon are the new barbel. It's always an honour to catch one - they always seem to me to have a gentle sense of dignity about them. If only they grew 12lbs+ bigger.

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