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Chris Plumb


River Kennet - Hambridge

0700 - 1330

Cool (5ºC when I started), bright and breezy. River quite low - normal for Sep.

3 Chub; all 1-2lb. 5 Barbel (!!!); all 12oz-1lb. 8 Dace - all chunky ones in the 6-8oz class with a couple a tad bigger. 4 Brown Trout; one close to 3lb the others circa 12oz+.

Another recce session - following up on some recently acquired intelligence (cheers Martin - spot on! 👍). Been a few years since I last exchanged my NAA card for a CSAS one to fish this stretch. Fished over a dozen swims but had all the fish bar one dace from just one of them - which I kept resting and returning to! Bright conditions and low clear water are never a recipe for good sport so it's no surprise that my hotspot today was a lovely long glide under the shady canopy of bankside trees. First Kennet barbel for 4 years - and whilst these had clearly been stocked it was doubly nice to get them on the float! Lets hope they evade predation and put on some weight!


Baby Barbel.jpg

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Hi Chris, not barbel info but I did want to let you know I had one of the big crucians out of willows at the weekend. That’s my third now in 2 seasons and this one went 3lb 1oz, was in great condition. Caught it from peg 31 on dendrobena 🙃

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Umm - Thanks - I've not had a big one out this year from there - just a few of the recent stocking. Might have to change where I target them - someone else pointed me at P30 - I usually fish the willow tree or lillies on the West bank...

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Hi Chris, I'm the CSAS fisheries officer, and the barbel that were stocked a year or two ago were much bigger than the one pictured (that's assuming your Speedia is the same size as mine!) so this one is most likely naturally spawned. Glad you're enjoying fishing there, wish more people did.

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Wow - that's even better news! I took a pic of the first one and a couple of the others were a little bigger - but not significantly so... I often used to catch them this size and upto a 1½lb on the NAA stretch - in the fast streamy water immediately above Ham Bridge - I fact I used to call the swim the Nursery for that reason. 

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