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28 November (Part 2)

Chris Plumb


River Lambourn - Shaw

1030 - 1300

Still dull and misty. AT 9ºC. River on the low side.

11 Grayling; A real mix of year classes (and hence sizes). Biggest 1lb 13oz (!!) with another 3 an ounce or so either side of 1lb ( the usual maximum size here). 6 Brownies most 6-10oz with one well over 1lb.

Well I wasn't expecting that! Pretty sure that's my biggest grayling from this stretch - I've gone back over 20+ years of diaries and can't find a bigger one! Caught from a very shallow run as well, not the spot I'd expect a big lady to be hanging out (though looking at the size of the dorsal, this is a male).

Grayling 1-13 Shaw.jpg

Edited by Chris Plumb


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