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2 January 2021 (Part 1)

Chris Plumb


Northcroft Stream - Newbury

0845 - 1115

Cold and bright. AT 0º - 3ºC. River still up a tad but with little colour.

2 Chub: 4lb 5oz & a chublet of around a pound. 6 Dace - a couple of gooduns. 3 Roach - handsized and a 1lb+ Brownie.

Successful plan to start 2021 with a good chub achieved within 5 mins of wetting a line (though had been trickling in maggot for a good 15mins before starting to fish). Smaller chub turned up amongst the dace and roach and being a little washed out in colour had me skipping a heart beat as I netted it - thinking it was a 1lb dace!


First fish of 2021

First fish of 2021.jpg

Edited by Chris Plumb


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