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Chris Plumb



River Kennet - Hambridge

1330 - 1600

Bright and sunny. AT 12ºC. River 'full' and gin clear.

2 Chub 2lb 7oz & a 'pounder'. 5 Dace - 3 real clonkers (for dace!) the one I weighed went 11oz the other 2 probably an ounce or so under that. 2 Grayling - both small.

Had to make the most of what might be my last chance at the Kennet this season - if the forecast for tomorrow is to be believed! 6 fish in the first 10 minutes followed by nearly two hours without a bite! (bright sun and a clear river are hardly ideal conditions). Thought that there'd be more action once the sun was off the water - but only managed to winkle out the 2 ladies and the smaller chub.




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Not fishing tomorrow? Oh, Chris, where's your spirit of adventure? You must have a sou'wester and some guy ropes? I'm pretty sure there won't be too much sun on the water. 

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Less than 2.5mm of rain (so far) no where near enough to stuff up the river (thankfully!)

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