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Still No Fishing!



Woke this morning to clear blue skies. I can't believe we are toward the end of October, a step outside my front door and the warmth of the Autumn sun felt more like a mid Summer morning!

Feeling as though I was getting the better of the aggressive cold I had endured all week and with the comforting thought of another day off work my mind wandered to fishing.

Conditions were very bright, the warmth would not have permeated the lower layers to such an extent as to spur frantic feeding, but, my only thought was to get out on the bank and enjoy the good life alongside nature.

Snap! The dream was shattered. The wife comes outside armed with a wash basket full to bursting with freshly washed clothes.

Hmmmm, good drying day. I look to the heavens again as if awaiting divine inspiration - no, just looking for clouds!

"What have you planned for today?" the lady asks.

"Well....." didn't get the chance to finish.

"As it's a nice day could you have a go at pruning the shrubs at the bottom of the garden?" straight in, no messing, no thought for my feelings!


I am a prisoner, there's no escape.


So, the most productive fishing hours of today were spent wrestling with overgrown foliage. Collecting said foliage in large bags then travelling to the Council tip on more than one occasion!


The weather forecast looks terrible for tomorrow, next stop weekend, so that'll be family time. Next week, back at work, forget fishing then for several days I'm afraid. But, to look on the bright side, the bottom of the garden looks a picture now!


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