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Bradshaw Hall Fisheries



As the title may suggest, I've managed to get a session at Bradshaws today with my mate Mark and his son, Danny. Anyways we decided to fish on Lodge 4 which is the main match lake at the venue. First impressions seemed ok but as the day went on the lodge became a bit crowded for my liking, not to get deterred by this we carried on with session. I was getting a few roach and bream on my pole line with 1 carp of about 3lb as well, the carp had a bit of a deformed mouth which is a shame to see, Mark was catching carp and bream on the tip with his biggest being about 5lb- most of which had deformed mouths as well. Danny had a few roach but nothing special.


What became apparent was the venue was not living up to the reputation it seemed to have and I was a bit disappointed at the condition of the fish, overall it was a fair way to travel for it to be worthwhile going again so i'll be looking a bit more local for my next session and hopefully have better results but for the first session for a while it dusted off a few cobwebs ready for next time.




Weather - overcast/clear

Wind - light

Catch - few bream and roach, 1 carp - nothing of note

Methods - pole on bottom, corn and pellet


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