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Charity Farm 13/06/08



Well the plan today is to finish work at half 12 and head off to Charity Farm at Wrightington for an afternoon to early evening session. I have to admit I was a bit miffed with the rain this morning but its stopped now so hopefully it will hold off for the day now :g:


Will get back on here tonight and let you all know how it goes.


Right well the session went ok. Fished pool 1 on waggler fished corn and managed to catch a small bag of roach between 8 and 12 oz. Not as good as Charity can be but it beat sitting at home. Tried prawns as they are a noted bait but whenever I put one on the hook little perch snaffled the lot, biggest persch was about 2oz taken on a prawn half its size! Greedey Buggers



The Mrs is working odd shifts for a couple of weeks now so my time will be restricted but I'm hoping to have a try at an open match at Orrell resevoirs some point in the next couple of weeks. A couple of practice sessions would be required first I think


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