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My Week Between Jobs..

Ollie Jay


Well started off Friday when i left my work place for the last time \o/ been there for 9 years and came to the decision that i wasn't getting anywhere there so i found myself a bit of courage and handed my notice in the week before.


Was planing to do a bit of fishing this past week as its the only time I'm gonna get off for a while due to starting my new job monday.....managed to get only two trips in though one of which was a good morning session full of dogs amounting to 17 and the other was a few hours in the after resulting in 2 eels and a flounder. so nothing special there! wanted to get out more but having come down with the flu lol OK man cold I've been unable to get out as much as i wanted :( been hearing of loads of fish via text to my fone and really been down in the dumps as i cant see me shaking this virus off for a couple more days at least!


So this week i been mainly floating around the forum and i must say thanks for making it such a great site to be a member of and how its past a few hours this week :D Love reading your post and id say my best thread so far since i been back using the board has to be the picture thread in the non fishing forum......we got some really great photographers out there and one day i hope to be able to get myself a decent camera of my own and maybe an artistic eye to keep up with you lot :)


anyway not really sure I'm using this blog thing in the right way or for the right purpose's but there you go......thats a bit about the week gone past....which should of been filled with fishing and bait digging but i just been to ill :( lol man flu is a killer.....i tell ya :lol:


cheers chaps and thanks for making the post on the forums that make it worth being around!!


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