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Fishing Tomorrow, Love..?



After spending all day Sunday fishing at Capesthorne, I was somewhat surprised last night when Lisa asked out of the blue if I was doing an overnighter on the Top Pool tonight - especially as the tone implied she would be happy irrespective of any answer I might choose to give. Never one to miss an opportunity I thought I’d dip my toe in the water and offered that I might have a bash if she were OK with the idea.


That was it, with no objections raised from the floor (I gave her all of five seconds B) ) I had a mid-week away pass for a night on the Top Pool. As such, I then did a few jobs around the house (more valuable brownie-points banked) and then wasted no time in boiling up some hemp and preparing my gear!


To be honest I’d half decided to knock the mid-week sessions on the head - for a few weeks at least. With the weed still rife and showing no sign of abating (a few heavy frosts needed!) and the clock now back, it becomes increasingly difficult to get a decent presentation as its pitch black by the time I get there. However, never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I’ll happily swap a night watching Peggy Mitchell romping about Albert Square like a headless Poodle, for a night sleeping out under the stars…


I just hope the carp gods will shine down on me!


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