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To Fish Or Not To Fish.



Well, with a day off work I had planned a days fishing with a friend today.


Things were not looking good last night, howling wind, lashing rain. Studying the weather forecast though I was slightly reassured that the worst of the weather would be contained within the hours of darkness. I went to bed last night hopeful that conditions may be better in the morning. I still wasn't feeling 100% in myself, was the streaming cold I had suffered with last week making another appearance?


Woke this morning to a pounding head, heavy congestion, sore throat and feeling lousy. Conscience was telling me to go fishing, good sense (plus the wife) told me I would be better off staying in today.

To be honest, conditions were not ideal for a day on the bank. Still the wind howled, grey and very overcast skies threatened rain (it's now raining as I write)

To me, I feel I'm wasting a precious day as the weather is now making a turn for the worse. I suppose I'm doing the best thing by staying in the warmth.


Oh well, it's back to work tomorrow! :(


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