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24/25 June

Chris Plumb


NAA Stillwater - Thatcham


1300 - 0930


Hot and sultry (again!). Max 25ºC, Min 12ºC.


4 Carp (but see below!) ; 14lb2oz, 9lb 7oz, 5¾ & 4¾lbs. 3 Crucians; 2lb 14oz, 2lb 2oz, 1lb 9oz. 4 roach & 2 rudd.


A very quiet night - saved, for me at least - by a very productive last 2½hrs when I had the 14 (on floating crust from right under my feet) and all 3 crucians on float fished meat - hooray! Paul and I had set ourselves a target for the session of a double figure carp and a crucian each - so job done for me! Paul didn't manage a cru and his only couple of fish of note to show for nearly 19 hours on the bank, carp of 11¼lb and 7½lb were both caught on light float tackle rigged up for the crucians!


I had a couple of more fish on the bank in slightly strange circumstances A 9lb mirror hooked in the tail on my light float tackle is perhaps not that unusual (though the fight was long and tiring - for me!) Paul was quick to point out that it didn't count as it was hooked at the wrong end! (Paul once had a 20 hooked in the derriere - he had 'fun' getting that in!). The 2nd capture was truely bizarre. I had a run on my method feeder rod - was fishing tight to the bomb - and after the usual 4/5 minute tussle landed a fiesty mirror of 11½lb. Put it on the unhooking mat and looked for the hook only to find that the fish had somehow managed to tangle itself up in the mainline - which was wrapped about 8-10 times around its lower jaw - and obviously had sufficient purchase for me to land the fish. Really struggling to understand how this could have occured - it was most weird. "That doesn't count either" retorts Paul - "You didn't hook it". "Ah - but at least it WAS caught with rod and LINE" replies me!




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was that willows by any chance? If it was i was fishing with a mate just round the corner from you

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we had 8 between us in 5 hours and lost 2 or 3 each so we didnt do too bad! Best was a mirror at 14 1/2lb, although its a toss up between that and the size 8 my friend managed to stick in his chin!

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