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June 26th 2011 - Club Match 2 - Smallford




The 2nd match of the season was on Smallford pit which is very deep in places.


I drew peg 13 which is in "Deep Bay" where it is around 16ft deep at 18ft out and goes down to around 30ft deep, this was not a good draw.

Alot of bream could be seen in the low numbered pegs cruising just below the surface.


Not an awful lot to report, it was a struggle.

I fished the pole up in the water for roach with caster/maggot and had a dozen or so chunky roach. I just couldnt keep the bites coming.


I also had pike trouble, a pike of I guess around 8lb was waiting just at my feet for most of the match, it did manage to grab one of my roach and I had the pike on for about a minute but then the inevitable happened and I was bitten off.


I had a pleasant surprise when the scales got to me, my roach went 5lb 5oz which was more than I had thought, this put me ahead of the others in and around the deep bay area of the lake so I suppose I did quite well really. Having looked at the club match report I see that I came 7th out of 20 and if the pike had not nicked a roach I would have been 6th!


Sorry, No catch photo this time.

Here is the official match report



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