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26 June

Chris Plumb


NAA Stillwater - Widmead


0445 - 1045


Warm and overcast with sun breaking through after 0900. 15ºC->24ºC


1 Crucian; 3lb 13oz - new PB! :yahoo: 2 Commons; 11lb 3oz & 8lb 5oz. 2 Perch - 1 just on 1lb and a nice Rudd of 10oz.


Yippee :clap: got what I came for - had heard of some big 3's showing and even whispers of a 4lber so thrilled to have snaffled one. Sat right back and float fished under my rod tip about 2 foot from the bank - lots and lots of little lifts and movement from the off - which was obviously just rudd and perch. Had one classic lift about an hour after starting and briefly connected with something solid which quickly shed the hook - felt this was a crucian and that my chance had gone - thankfully a little after 0800 same thing happened and as soon as it was hooked I knew it was a crucian - couldn't believe the size of it when it popped to the surface for the first time and it took 3 more plunges before I had it subdued - very very nervy couple of minutes - was convinced I had a 4lber!! Had to settle for 3oz light but still can't wipe the smile of my face!!!! Biggest common off the top - with bread flake - other one on the method.


Crucian beats previous PB by 3oz - a 3-10 fish from a nearby lake caught on 22/6/99 - my 2nd longest standing PB until today.





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Well done indeed Chris, a Plumb PB is always worth reading about. Great pics too, one of the few photos that we've seen you smiling in :D

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Cheeky sod! Thanks for the comments - I'm well chuffed - will take a very special fish to top it this season. My 2nd 3lber from here in 2 seasons after a barren run of form stretching back to 2005 when I had a 2-10, my last decent crucian from the lake. Seem to have hit a winning formula - sit a long way back and fish VERY close in - looks a bit riduculous - but clearly effective - reckon they are used to coming up and mopping up discarded bait in the margins - so I always put quite a bit in at the begining and fish over it - only topping up if I get a fish.... Might have to go back and see if there really is a 4 in there!




ps What rod rest, Rusty?

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Ah, now I know which lake it is! I think. Not that it makes a huge difference to me. It'll be a long time before I graduate to crucians that size!

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Ah, at your banker chub swim somebody had left a makeshift rod rest and I'd assumed it was you. If not then the otters probably left it after emptying the swim of chub.

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What fish the lead - there? I don't think so!!! But you're right the chub seem to have disappeared BIG TIME. That's now 3 of us what's fished it (Paul's had a trotting session there this summer too) without so much as a chublet.....

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No it had been used to prop up rods to keep them out of the vegetation while not being used, not for ledgering. Very handy actually, hope it's still there next time although I'm going to indulge in some palm greasing and try further up.

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Not mine....it was there already, but I did use it for exactly as Rusty suggests, excellent for keeping rods out of the vegetation....of which there is quite a lot !



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