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Saturday 2nd July. Very hot and bright.

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Well I missed putting a session on here the other week but I will sum up last saturdays events.


An early start waking up at 4.45am. With the weather being predicted to be nice I thought I would have to rise really early to get a good swim.


Arrived at the river at 5.30am and waded out to put the baitwaiter into the pebbles on the bank stick and began to fire maggots in to create a nice steady stream to hopefully entice some fish into the area and get them feeding hard. I had identified an excellent run that had produced well for me in the past and as the river was low it was looking perfect. You can see the end of my run as the white water starts and there is a channel between it.


My views:





I fed 5-6 maggots every ten seconds or so for about 20 minutes before I retreated back to the pebbles to tackle up, returning to the bait waiter regularly to keep topping up the swim. After around 10 minutes I was ready to get going.


The setup was a Shaky Mach 1 13ft match rod, Marco Cortesi Centrepin, Drennan 4bb wire stemmed stick float, 6lb Diawa Sensor mainline with 4lb power steel hooklength to a size 14 drennan super specialist hook.


First trot was met with many little bites and I knew I was in for a rough time with the minnows as time after time I would strike with no result. I continued to feed in a routine of feed, cast, feed, retrieve, feed etc.


After not to long I had a better bite and when I struck into it I was met by a great little fight. Another sea trout making two for this season so far. Considering I had never caught one before this season this was a real treat to have two at the start of the season.




Trot after trot I would get plagued by minnows and would then get a decent bite toward the end of the run as the bigger fish seemed to be waiting at the end to pick up what escaped the clutches of the little minnows. Fish after fish came to the net but most of small sizes and that many that I didnt bother to photograph them as I was enjoying it too much. After a little while another nice brown trout came out which was bigger than the others I was getting so I decided it was worth a quick snap. It was a great looking fish. Not long after that another came.






I would certainly say that this season seems to be throwing up much larger specimens of trout at the moment for me with me getting a large 3lber the week before. Last season the sizes were very small in the main.


Dace after dace and trout after trout rolled in but no sign of the chub which I thought was a little odd given that everything else was feeding hard.


After a few hours my friend gaz turned up and we decided to head down to our usual barbel pegs with a view to staying after dusk. We lasted until 4pm as the unrelenting heat was just too much to bear and to save weight we had foolishly left our brollies at home. I lost 2 pints of maggots to the heat as they overheated even with the lid off but shielding them from the sun so you can imagine how we felt with no brollies. £5 down the pan too! i moved onto the feeder for a while and continued to catch with no sign of the barbel or chub. Some boot laces turned up to join the party but I wont say they were a welcome visitor. I knew the peg I was on threw them up quite often so I just got on with it.


On the whole it was a very productive days angling but it was a great shame we couldnt stay into the night as the barbel would have very likely come on the feed in a big way giving me more pics to show you. I will include a pic of the barbel I had the previous week just as a taster of the fish that I will hopefully be getting in future blog entries :D




Fingers crossed I will be out next weekend so will try to keep you updated on progress.

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Sounds like a good days fishing! That ST looks really fresh, real bar of silver. Lovely Barbel too! N

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Some lovely photos. Which river is it?

Sorry tench. Somehow I havent seen any of the comments on my blog until the recent upgrade. It was the Ribble :)

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Sounds like a good days fishing! That ST looks really fresh, real bar of silver. Lovely Barbel too! N

Thanks Nicholas. Yes was a great day. I agree the seat trout did look in great condition.

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