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Mouse's 2006 Diary



It's my aim to use this blog as my diary really and throw in my thoughts and results (or none results) along the way. Whether I actually bother to keep adding to it we'll have to see ? as I've never been one to keep a diary before now.

I am just starting to get my head around fishing, after being an angler on & off since I was 12

(i'm now 33 !) and have been getting more and more into it over the past couple of seasons.


This is the first Winter though that I have bothered to fish since I was a young teenager, when I used to freeze nearly to death in my neon ski coat fishing the Blythe near Coleshill catching small perch, small pike and the odd even smaller chubling, gripping my normark rod tightly with my damp woolly figerless gloves till i could no longer feel my finger tips.


So far this winter results have been quite reasonable with a lovely 5lb 2oz chub from the Mease (PB by a mile) & also a number of other chub all over the 3lb mark from the Teme and Blythe too.

I am also quite into my Barbel fishing, and I've managed one or two out this season. I tend to fish the Teme & Severn and have had one session on the Warks Avon back in Nov ( but not yet succesfull ). After catching three 8's in the last year (the best going 8lb 14oz ) I'm still after my first double and was hoping to break that barrier this season, so with just over a month to go times fast running out ! However my work & family commitments mean I am restricted to short sessions, probably no more than once a week.

My next few sessions will be with the intention of a good barbel or two, if I can keep the chub at bay long enough, so fingers crossed !


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