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September 18th - Club Match 8 - Entire Farm




Entire Farm (Arrans Lake) is one of the commercial fisheries which has recently thrown up some huge match weights to over 500lbs. CARP SOUP!!


I have not fished at such a highly stocked fishery before and it wouldn't be everyones cup of tea but it is part of the club's match schedule so I gave it a go.

Our match was split into a 2.5 Hr session followed by a weigh-in and then a 3 Hr session. Only 10 carp allowed per keepnet and any over 6lb had to be weighed, recorded and returned.


In the first session, I had loads of carp over the fed area close in next to a bush but I only managed to hook and land 10 plus a couple of roach for 41lb.

I discovered that the 2 or 3 people who had caught alot at our end of the lake had all caught on paste so I knocked up some paste from some green marine groundbait and made a couple of suitable rigs while the weigh in was going on.


The second session I did catch more and some bigger carp, biggest 2 went 10lb 8oz and 12lb 12oz. In total I weighed in 192 lb 8oz so 152 lb in the second session. This as it turned out was good enough for 6th out of 27. The winner, who is used to these types of venue, had 410lb.


Oficial club report is here.


More possible madness at the next match as it will be at Alders Farm which is the other fishery that has produced a 500lb weight recently.





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