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October 2nd - Club Match 9 - Alders Farm




As predicted in my previous entry, the madness continued on this highly stocked match lake.

This one was a straight 5 hours match with a strict 100lb per keepnet limit, if you go over 100lb = disqualified.

30 entries for this one.


I drew peg 30 which was only 18" deep and fed 2 big pots of pellets and corn at 5m in front of me and the same to my right.

I could hear carp being landed by others while I was still potting in!


I started on the 5m line and started getting some small carp quite regularly, all the time feeding a few grains of corn on this line and also a few at 2m.

I could see carp tails at 2m after a few minutes so I continued at 5m until the end of the first hour and then switched to the 2m line.


The carp were of a better average size at 2m so I continued here for the rest of the match. At the half way point I had put 40 carp in my two keepnets so I fed a good handful of bait and went to find someone who could lend me another net or two.


I ended up with 60 carp for 214lb 7oz, another new PB match weight for me and it turned out to be good for 2nd.

Josh, who is a regular at Alders, won from favoured (FLIER!) peg 3 with a whopping 422lb.


Official Club report here.



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