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13 November

Chris Plumb



River Frome, Worgret & Wool.


0730 - 1030 - Worgret

1100 - 1500 - Wool.


Mild and breezy. Overcast am. Mainly sunny pm. River very coloured but well within its banks. (Not at all what I was expecting!!!)


4 Grayling; 2lb 11oz, 1lb 4oz, 12oz & a tiddler. 1 Dace; 10oz. 6 Brownies - most quite small. 1 Sea trout - 1¼lb.


A couple of new venues for this winter and a river I've been wanting to fish for AGES! So some new waters to learn - and the 1st part of my education was in misreading what the state of the river would be!! My heart sank when I saw the colour of it. The game keeper informed me that it wasn't like your typical chalkstream - and coloured up quickly after rain. Still he was quite chatty and pointed out a couple of hotspots - one of which produced the dace and both of which I want to revisit when the water is clear!


BTW - I can't remember the last time I was asked for my permit on my usual club waters - yet get asked for it within ½hr of starting here!


I was hopeful that further upstream at Wool would be less turbid - and so it proved. Still very sub optimal - but not quite as hopeless as where I'd started. Bites still at a premium but slowly they came - lost a really good fish when the maggot bent over the hook point - and next cast caught the sea trout - still with lice on it. 1st grayling of the afternoon was the tiddler, followed by some trout of similar size - but then I hit the jackpot with the big un giving a bloddy hearstopping fight - it jumped - twice!


So, bit of a hard slog - but I've seen enough to want to go back!!!


Edit - this site will prove very useful in the coming months...just upstream of where I started on Sunday... rolleyes.gif



2lb 11oz of grayling - my 4th= biggest.



Wool Bridge


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