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8th July 2012 - Club Match 3 - Grand Union Canal, Marsworth




Our (VAC) 2012 club match league is under way again, I fished the first match at Riverside Road but not much to report.

I had 2 bream for 4lb 1oz and that put me 6th out of 36.

I couldn't make the 2nd match as my car was undergoing repairs, so here we are at the 3rd match.



Only 15 of us on this one, some are not keen on the challenge (or potential long-ish walk) I guess.


I drew peg number 2 which turned out to be an "end peg" for some reason.


I had moored boats opposite, directly opposite me was a standard size narrow boat which looked lived in but I did not see anyone moving on it whilst setting up.

In front but slightly to my right was a larger narrow boat which was obviously near the end of a good renovation job, there was a family on this one.


I decided to fish close to the boat in front of me but also feed an area close to the larger boat to give another area to try.



I set up a small method feeder rod, a pellet feeder rod and a waggler rod, these were all for casting up tight to the boat(s) with the intention of trying for one or two of the carp which live in the area, also giving me a chance of a chub or bream.


I also had a light waggler rod ready in case no large fish showed, to target silver fish.

Just after beginning to set up it started raining, not too heavy but having an umbrella up is always a hindrance!


As usual, I was not completely ready when the whistle went to start the match at 9.30.

I cast the method feeder with hair rigged soft pellet up close to the boat (clipped up), tightened up slightly and continued to get things sorted from my seated position under the umbrella.


Imagine my suprise when after about 5 minutes the rod tip shot round and something was trying to take the rod for a swim.

I could tell it was a good size carp before I saw it and after 7 or 8 minutes playing it fairly carefully, it was in the net and was obviously over 10lb!


My neighbour came to me with his 11lb samson scales and we weighed it in my landing net, the scales bottomed out. We agreed that it looked about 13 - 14lb and as I came prepared with a proper carp keepnet I put it in there and carried on.


I added 6 small carp (around 3lb each) and a small skimmer by midday all from the same area and did not have a bite after that.


As it turned out, I had won the match with the large carp in the first 15 minutes!


Here is the club report. :thumbs:




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