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    Enjoy an other day out on Blue Water to look for a bigger one.
  1. hi Snatcher, looks like your're the man to ask. i fished my whole life for big game on offshore trolling, but the customers pressure to get big game on the Fly, too, so with the 2007 white marlin season we took the opportunity to use our countless whites to give it a shot, and what a shot. i never did flyfishing before, absolutely newby. we raised countless marlin in the spray and teased them in casting range(30ft and less), hook ratio been very poor, but i did not expect to take a world record on something new for us. to tease them to the boat we used hookless lures of different colors(the
  2. From: mark3954@netzero.net <mark3954@netzero.net> [ add to contacts ] To: mike@mikesmarina.info Cc: Date: Saturday, May 26, 2007 12:26 pm Subject: Re: fishing charter info dominican republic Mike, I would like to take this time to tell you what a great time I had while fishing with you in the Dominican Republic. First, the hotel which I stayed at was very nice and had a lot of activities. Next, I was also impressed with the crew ( Manuel and Catch'em ). Those men made me feel very comfortable and gave me an impression of professionalism in their
  3. Billfish on the Fly 80lbs white Marlin May 2007 caught by Andrew Ferguson, May 5th 2007 with Jose Manuel Mota and Mike local record on the fly, even 12lbs over Floridas all weight Fly-record
  4. From: Alison Hackett [ add to contacts ] To: mike@MikesMarina.info Cc: Date: Saturday, April 21, 2007 08:23 pm Subject: Our split charter April 10, 2007 Hello Mike! I just wanted to write and let you know that we had an awesome experience on our half day charter last week. Both me and Dwayne caught a Mahi Mahi and it was just an excellent day. I want to thank you for all the quick responses to my emails and we will see you again the next time we are in Punta Cana (hopefully next year!). You have a wonderful crew as well, they really know what th
  6. Tuesday March 27th by Yance Yore Hey Mike, This is an old message that i am replying to but it is all i had left. I am sending you this thanking you for everything setting up my best fishing trip since I caught my 185 pound tarpon four years ago. Your crew was awesome and professional and put me in the chair to land six Dorado out of eight with one huge bull. The only reason we didn't land them all is we didn't have enough hands. We had 3 on at the same time twice and my wife, as your boys would say, was introduced to their friend RALPH...She wasn't much help. I have already
  7. Mike's Marina Fishing Charters Tony Parsons March 2007 I had another great day fishing with Mike's Marina Deep Sea Fishing off Punta Cana this year. Last year we caught a big sailfin, this year its was even better. We set out in the afternoon with a fairly heavy swell and headed out way offshore. 5 dolphins joined the boat and swam with us for quite a long time before we hit a shoal of mahi mahi (dolphin fish). The lines were going off in all directions and the crew worked damned hard to help get the fish in and re-bait the rods. We caught 20 fish on our boat!! Fantastic. I would h
  8. Mike's Marina Fishing Charters Brad March 2007 Another GREAT year using Mikes Marina. Prebooked everything on the internet using Paypal so everything was very easy to do. Mike personally responded to all my e-mails. My little 5 year old went in a little 20 foot boat - just to do some simple fishing with his Dad. Last year he caught some this year he got something too big for our line we brought took everything so my son has his big fish story!!!! Mike provides all the fishing equipement but my little fisherman wanted to bring his own! The rest of the gang went on the big 42 foot bo
  9. From: erncan@comcast.net <erncan@comcast.net> [ add to contacts ] To: Mike@mikesmarina.info Cc: Date: Monday, February 26, 2007 02:47 pm Subject: Fishing on 2-20-2007 Hi Mike If i did this right there is a few pics. of a few of the fish we got on the 20th. We got 29 Mai Mai that day. We had a gteat day Mike. Thanks for a Great Day! Ernie Canney
  10. From: Tim Fisch <tfisch@mountpolley.com> [ add to contacts ] To: Michael Wagner <mike@mikesmarina.info> Cc: Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 11:25 am Subject: RE: Fishing trip Mike: Thanks for the reply. If and when you do get your hands on some T shirts , let me know and I will arrange payment. Please find my report below. Feb 10 Fishing Trip Left El Cortecito at approximately 14:00 hrs under Captain Emilio Santana and First Mate Franklin aboard the Intrepido. The weather was partly cloudy wilth calm seas. Our charter consisted
  11. January 22nd by Greg Cory Review of Mikes Marina and Deep Sea Fishing Charter In The Beginning: I have been deep sea fishing before this trip although never in the Dominican, same goes for several of my guests, so we pretty much knew what we were getting into. And although the trips were never that fruitful in the past, it was always a good time out in the sea with friends, so I knew I wanted to do it again this time. We contacted Mikes Marina several times via email leading up to our trip and they always responded very quickly and were very accommodating to o
  12. What a lucky son of a b...Brave Fisherman! We are in mid Hurricane Season for our local waters, off the Dominican Republic's east coast, out of Punta Cana, but this lovely sunny saturday morning we have winds of 5Knots and less, sea 2ft max, sun is the typical caribbean power plant. We are mid Blue Marlin Season, but 42ft Post named Intrepido is running out fishing with my friend Gabi, her brother and his 3 kiddies, all firsttimers, so Skipper Ramon Emilio frequents the close to shore waters 2-4nmls off El Cortecito to target Dorados and Wahoo on light tackle, Kiddies stuff.
  13. after heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms blowing over the area the last two weeks it looks like we come back to normal this week for the local waters offshore Punta Cana. so this tuesday august 16th 42ft Bertram Shekinah took a half day charter to target our atlantic Blues and had to pass only one fight for the morning. around 10AM with Mate Chino on the weel Skipper Jose Manuel Mota hooked the first hit of the morning, a blue Marlin taking the small lure running on the long outrigger line on portside, hook set nice and easy in the sword's base and charter client Charles Wells had it's 90 mi
  14. Italian customer Fabio Steccanella had only one dream in mind when he contacted Mike at first early 2006, " i want to catch a Blue Marlin ". we figured out together when the best time during the 2006 Blue Marlin Season on the Dominican east coast would be, fishing out of Punta Cana, so at the end i decided by weather/moon/tide predictions to recommend the days before the full moon in august, so Fabio chartered my 42ft Bertram Shekinah with charter captains Jose Manuel Mota and Luis Alberto caridad and their mate Chino for 5 consecutive full days starting Saturday August 5th til Wednesday au
  15. Fishing in Punta Cana, by Mike's Marina Fishing Charters S.A. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I finally got my first marlin caught on one of Mikes boats from www.MikesMarina.info ...yea i got sea sick...for the first time ever but it was deff worth it. It was a great trip...we also caught 2 dolphins and 2 small barracudas...i was sleeping on the deck it was bad...i hate sleeping on a boat im there to be fishing not sleeping but i was done and had no choice...i heard the mate say mahi mahi twice and i was like no way am i getting u
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