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  1. just been surfing a joke site and stumbled across this.......... "I just saved 3 children from a burning house and got a really big pat on the back. Just think if I could play Tennis or ride a bike fast I might have got a knighthood as well." I know its a joke but it really does hit home with me , very true. Doesn't surprise me one bit with 'slimy greaseball eton bred ass-wipes' in power such as cameron who are too busy keeping every other race , religion and their ilk happy just for the media. media fed is exactly what we are , media fed , media run. nuff said.
  2. UKIP for me all the way , hes the only politician that answers a question with an answer instead of taking you 3 times round the block while throwing umpteen words that ive never heard of at you , by that time you cant be bothered to listen anymore. Im certain that mp's are sent away to some sort of school specifically for the 'question dodging' routine. In my personal opinion ...throw each and everyone of em out of parliament and set up a different system , maybe like US or Germany because these asswipes (any party) are simply in their job to screw whatever they can out of it and not for the good of the general public and i will call any of them a liar to their face should they say different. Why stay in EU when its costing us millions every day just to be a member....
  3. . [/url]">http:// My local today , the Moorthorpe in South Elmsall . The area was destroyed after the pits closed , no love lost around these parts i'm afraid. If you need anymore proof , have a look at this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemsworth and read the fifth paragraph "top 2% of the most deprived areas in the whole of the EU" . Cheers maggie!!!
  4. Well.....where do i start? I've had a cracking holiday , followed by a great weekend with the locals ( all of them wanted to see the "video"). The daughters shenanigans has all but destroyed my street / internet cred but ...i've taken a different outlook on it all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,who cares. The wife said tonight "so what if you did it and are embarressed , you're here for a good time not a long time" and she was/is right. Bugger it , i can honestly say that i am one of a few people that has done a karaoke in a mankini and lived to survive it. Chloe is still grounded although she doesn't seem to understand the word , (shes the tall one on the right hand side in the video) and i still keep getting hammered from all the little jibes but what i can HONESTLY say is .....it was the best holiday i have ever had apart from the 10 lagers and 1/2 pint of whisky that put me up to the dreadful incident. Cheers guys and pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please with ice cream and cherries on top , let me remove the video??? MrM Oh go on then..............
  5. please don't lads , the daughter has even posted it to her facebook account , i'm getting battered like a haddock at the moment... the things you do when drinking , jeeeeessss
  6. WTF!!!??? CHLOE!!!!! Shes officially grounded lads don't worry. I'll remove the link so as not to upset anymore stomachs ....apologies.
  7. haha my dad has embarassed me all holiday and i said i would get my own back.
  8. yes , i am carls daughter , please watch him making a fool of himself haha. left his account open.
  9. Everyone must have heard of London 2012 , so in the sport of it all , whats your fave sport....the one that you don't mind tuning in and watching? I have to be honest and say that mine is weightlifting and Shooting but i don't mind a bit of womens volleyball either.. The poll would only allow me 20 options so sorry for not naming all the sports. Mr M
  10. Its basically an american docu-beat em up-mentary about 2 big guys impounding cars / trucks you name it and the fall-outs that the owners have in trying to get the vehicles back. Sounds plain enough but americans don't do things by halves. Have a look...... Thing is , and this is maybe a question for the stateside members....is it entirely real or pumped up a little for tv? It would be nice if we could air it over here but i can't see any of the stations daring as some of the content is a little extreme.....still good watching all the same. Mr M
  11. May sound like a daft question but............. If the authorities left the instigators to their own devices and name called on networking sites , what exactly would happen? Are the masses going to hit the streets baying for blood? public and social downfall because we , as a state are totally and utterly media fed trogs who can't / won't think for ourselves , lost all comprehension of common sense? It's all media driven bullsh1t simply to sell news / newspapers. Ban the media and the problem would disappear overnight......a radical motion you might scream but very true!!!!!! yours truely mr m
  12. Is it just me or is anyone else noticing the reporters and presenters on news 24 channels not being able to put a single sentence together without sticking " err " or "erm" into everything? "blah blah blah blah , err , blah blah blah blah blahh ermmmm , blah blah , errr" FOR CHRISTS SAKE JUST SPIT IT OUT!!!!!!!! Just when you're getting something slightly coherent , along comes another one. I knew there was a reason why i didn't watch the news. pah. Mr M
  13. La di daa sportsman. Just the culture we live in and tolerate these days , not for long though. Theres only so much strain you can put on a springer line before it explodes. mr m
  14. Ermm , the problem is that it IS the tax man who will not issue me with a receipt!!!! To cut a long story VERY SHORT , i paid a tax bill to hmrc this morning after many phonecalls of wrangling and short responses from them i agreed to pay the bill , a sum of more than 3k. The conversation was a little odd but i double checked the phone number before calling and all the usual security checks were conveyed and then came the payment process which was when the alarm bells started ringing. He instantly put me on hold for a matter of a minute then an unusual noise was heard in the background , not sure but sounded like hard plastic on a table in an empty room. Anyway , payment was made and he seemed a little quick to the get process over and me off the line , i asked if payment was done , yes , i asked if all other matters were resolved , yes. I asked for confirmation of payment by way of a receipt in the post , NO we don't issue receipts at hmrc , what we do is issue you with a reference number in case of any problems. I stated that if you buy a pack of chewing gum at a supermarket that you are given a receipt but i have just handed over a large amount of cash and all i'm given is a reference number. I am not convinced i have been dealt with correctly , i even might have been a victim of card fraud, not sure either way. I will be contacting hmrc AGAIN tomorrow with my pretty little reference number hoping that i haven't been a victim of fraud and if not will be asking for a receipt again. Am i being unrealistic in asking for a receipt?
  15. Just a quick question really ....as the title suggests , if making a payment or purchasing anything then are you ENTITLED to a receipt , if not offered , then can you ask or even demand one? Mr M
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