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  1. Thanks so much to everyone for all the positive comments about the Bhutan episode of The Accidental Angler. It is great to know that we hit the mark. The fishing content might be too light for some, but in defence I'd say that the series has definitely captured the attention of people who wouldn't otherwise watch a programme about fishing. I think that does more good for fishing in the long run than risking losing that part of the audeince by making the programme too technical. Getting the balance just right is tricky I admit, and it is good to be made to think about these things. mic
  2. Well, thanks again! If Jeepster can let me know his email I can always let the BBC know about him if we make more progs. I do not chose the crews though!! Den, of course a prog like that will be criticised. Fair enough. I'd like to read endless praise, but I never expected to and well meant criticism is just fine with me. Mike T: there is a DVD, or at least I have a copy, but I don't know when it will be on general release. My book is out now. It has four stories related to the BBC progs and nine more that are just travelogues and pieces about fishing – sea trout in Southampt
  3. I know your forum isn't technically "feedback" but many thanks to everyone for all the positive comments and thanks also for the positively meant critical comments. I have no idea if I'll get a chance to do more shows with the BBC, but if I do all your comments will be useful. A few of you made the point that the BBC is never going to make a through and through angling show for a prime evening slot on BBC2. This is true, I'm sure. This format – which is new – was an attempt to bring in people, landscape, culture, history, all centred around the wonderful fish that are the reason for th
  4. The delay is because the BBC has a Top Gear sized hole to fill in its schedule and loads of stuff has been moved around as a result. Blame poor Mr Hammond for crashing his dragster. Weds 8pm is a good slot though. Accidental
  5. The programmes are now going out from Weds 22nd November 8pm. They may move again, but I'll post another note if they do. You won't find the programmes wall to wall angling, but we'd have never got the commission for that. The idea was to produce something the whole family can watch, that will interest people who are not necessarily into fishing – maybe they'll even get into it as a result. That would be great. Whether we've achieved that time will tell. It all happened because I did a book two years ago called "Somewhere Else" which had this mix of travelogue and fishing, and on the back of t
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