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  1. hahahaha, i have a mate from up north, well it's past watford, comes down onto the south coast, he brings the pork pies that you can't buy in the shops and i do the home made pickled onions. lunch time is good. On the boat we are known as farts ' r' us.
  2. short straw just got shorter, where to now for the remainiacs? get with the programme i have to ask? The Prime Minister was able to command his MPs to vote down the amendments after securing a large majority in last month's general election. With Brexit day looming on January 31, the Bill, which was passed with large majorities by MPs earlier this month, remains on course thanks to the Prime Minister's 80-strong majority. It is now up to peers to decide whether to prolong the bout of parliamentary ping-pong or bow to the will of the elected House, which seems the most likely outcome. During the debate on Wednesday, Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay said the Government could not accept the Lords amendment on citizens' rights as it would make the EU Settlement Scheme "null and void". one for b c, latest news, no doubt her maj will pop over with her biro in the morning: The House of Lords has opted to end its legislative tussle with the Commons, as peers vote in favour of passing Boris Johnson's Brexit Bill. The unelected peers bowed to the will of the Commons after MPs overturned five amendments to the divorce deal. The Bill now goes forward for Royal Assent.
  3. i like you, your a nice level headed chap. according to your writings. pssst can't be too over friendly, some may talk.
  4. there's more than three lords amendments yet you call them defeats. btw They will be swotted away in the hoc today, and so will trumps court case, cod. in your wisdom the one that confused me yesterday is protecting the kiddies, a prime example of this lords amendment is where the u k parents are at home, while the kiddo returns from the likes of syria, unaccompanied and is stuck in calais. So this lord wants an open door for this kiddo to return unhindered by border checks into the u k. At what age is this still classed as a kiddo, 30 or when the beard is fully formed, say a foot long. Have i got that right cod. So the next query i have, is what the kin ek has this got to do with brexit. You support this e u guff. The amendment on child refugees was tabled by Labour peer Alf Dubs. He had urged his fellow peers to support the move “for the sake of the children stranded in Calais and Greece, who simply want to reach the safety of their families”.
  5. from you link cod, you obviously missed it, so yawn, it's repeated just for you to go right over your head: A Brexit Party spokesperson said: "In this tweet, Mrs Mummery is rather obviously commenting on the deficiencies of the so-called 'transition period' not of Brexit itself." They added: "Those who misrepresent the tweet are either ignorant of the withdrawal agreement or are wilfully misunderstanding her words for their own anti-Brexit and anti-democratic ends."
  6. my boy said to me tonight. 'Did you know the swimming pool on the titanic is still full of water.'
  7. what you have failed to comprehend as usual is that both vonhopalot and the new e u megalomaniac honcho has interfered with u k domestic politics by demanding last week that the u k aliens it's self with e u laws and legislation. must be part of it's customs union before it will consider agreeing a trade deal within the time frame of next december. You are of course aware that 5% of u k companies trade with 8 e u countries, while 100% of u k countries comply with 100% of e u law and legislation. The new u k government will have none of this and the chancellor has re confirmed the u k will leave as per the advice given by both cameron and clegg before the referendum. Can't you get that in your head? Your exaggerating yet again, have you got details of these thousands and thousands of supply chains. Bet you don't. See what i do for you, reply from my m p confirming that the e u boats will be allowed in only on the invitation of the u k management, why don't you write to your mp. you never know, you might even get a reply. quote my m p: Thank you for contacting me about the UK’s fishing industry. I am delighted that in withdrawing from the EU, we will be leaving the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and be able negotiate access to waters and fishing opportunities as an independent coastal state. The Fisheries Bill will allow us to control who may fish in our waters, and on what terms, for the first time since 1973. This Bill will deliver on the Government’s commitment to sustainable fishing and conservation of the marine environment. It will end the automatic right for EU vessels to fish in UK waters, making fishing access a matter for us to negotiate and set terms, so any foreign vessels will have to follow our rules. It will allow us to set our own fishing quota and days at sea, negotiating independently in consultation with the Devolved Administrations. It will also enable us to protect the marine environment by ensuring fisheries management decisions are taken strategically for its benefit. Accompanying these new powers, the Government has opened applications for £15.4 million worth of funding for English fishermen from two UK fishing funds. The £14.7 million share of a £37.2 million UK-wide fund announced last December, will encourage the take up of innovation and technology, supporting jobs in coastal communities. In addition, £700,000 from a £2 million UK-wide fund announced in the 2018 Budget is ring-fenced for fishing safety improvements on board English vessels and around ports and harbours The fund builds on the Government’s commitment to secure a fairer share of fishing opportunities for UK fishermen as it takes back control of fishing waters and establishes the UK as an independent coastal state. I truly believe that this Bill will deliver a sustainable fishing industry in our country, with healthy seas and a fair deal for British fishermen. Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. If there is ever anything else that I can help you with on local or national issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch. more good news: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10777056/tories-in-17-point-lead-over-labour/#comment
  8. even more bad news for cods e u nirvana, his head won't square away that the u k is leaving, these guys can and do: : https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1230682/Brexit-news-latest-eu-finance-firms-UK-leave-eu-Boris-johnson-withdrawal-agreement
  9. ahh a fish that still has his skin colour on.Good for you, what have you got stewing in that bucket of soup behind? Another one in the foreground? is that how you process your fish aboard? A net will be used today as herring, yup, feed on plankton in the tide i have to add and use sight to feed, unfortunately our shallow water is stirred up to mud colour and our hokkies can't be seen, you learn something every day. Don't you get fed up with eating codling, day in day out, year in year out. Mexican stand off, hahahahahaha, your a one. Down south we take the opportunity to anchor a wreck that means you don't need to wait perhaps once or twice a year for wind and tide to be equal and can fish throughout the state of the tide. Now lets see, dead tide you say, slap me head and think, nope fish will always come when the tide is running, that'll be when feed is running past their little scent glands. Unless your fishing whitby they must be special up there. The repeal of the 1972 communities act will kick in the day the brexit bill is enacted, did you know that? Also included (brexit bill) is the option to leave with no deal. In all the humming and haring in the last 3 years or so, these are the two bills that may did manage to get onto the u k's statute books. ms miller fans please note, and despite your slagging off of boris the u k rules by consent, did you know that? And as such parliament will be free after the 31st of january to keep, amend or dump any or all e u rules and regulation. What the chancellor did yesterday, is to kick the e u's megliomainiacs arguments and bleatings into the long grass that the u k must align with the e u, it must remain in their customs union or a trade deal will not be sorted. Out really does mean out. Your straws to remain in the e u's clutches are getting so short they are becoming invisible. Get with the programme or leave to prevent your misery that will surely encompass you for ever.
  10. why are you so hung up on quota? the e u allows 13% quota to u k interests each year. Out of that commercials sold quota, so what. What about the rest of the quota the e u allows euro boats in u k waters? What about the non quota species that the under ten fish for? Any thought on that? Thank goodness for the under tens the london protocol goes at the same time as the c f p. You are so narrow minded you don't need to wear blinkers. Yup i'll do a whitby trip if you drop anchor on a few wrecks and send a scent trail down to target some decent ling, best ones coming in full flood, of course you know that don't you. You might even hook a conger, go on, make a name for yourself. ohhh dear a food retailer has the hump as he will need to change tact as the chancellor has confirmed that the u k is leaving the e u's federal political expansionist regime, exactly as cameron and clegg warned before the referendum, tough luck on him. He either gets with the programme or i have no sympathy. out means out of all the e u's institutions, bl@@dy good job to. No more e u political ties.To trade, the're having a laugh, just like you cod. If the e u want to shoot themselves in both feet and argue the toss over a decent trade deal with the u k, not bothered at all if the e u want to jump off a cliff. See ya. Skippers going to drop a net tomorrow, sea is full of herring, yum. fresh herring for tea. We send the skate back, can't be bothered to peel them.
  11. One on the left looks ok, one on the right is on it's way to becoming smelly, don't you have ice aboard? I have been stating for years that supermarket fish are fit for fish meal. Imported bass and bream from the e u mainland grey skinned, sunken eyed, no larger than a decent herring, mackerel, grey and smelly, fillets of fish curling up. Pre frozen muck. Have you just woken up cod? any foto's of a decent ling.
  12. latest e u news, no more alignment with the e u's rules and regulation: The Chancellor has warned manufacturing leaders that there will be no alignment with EU regulations once Britain’s exit from the bloc takes place. The Treasury would not lend support to manufacturers that favour EU rules as the sector have had three years to prepare for Britain’s transition. Mr Javid told the Financial Times: “There will not be alignment, we will not be a rule-taker, we will not be in the single market and we will not be in the customs union - and we will do this by the end of the year.
  13. No thanks, do you actually eat them, they must stink being in the boxes all day ungutted. south coast fish get treated better than that. hahahaha anchoring is no good, you don't half tell tall ones don't you. Our old freind John Brennan and myself had very interesting conversations re fishing methods over wrecks and seeing that you have confirmed that you only offer your anglers a 50% service, yes i can see clearly there's a north south divide. Next you will be claiming that it's cr@p to send a scent trail into the wreck. Go on slag that one off expert.
  14. i understand the e u allowed the danish sand eel commercials last year, in u k waters to up it's quota by x 5. Defend that cod. why do you never offer up any facts to counter cod, is it that you don't have any. that the best you can do. Tell me why you don't anchor the wrecks, why are you so scared of them.
  15. hahahahahaha, i rest the case that the sea bed isn't flattened after all, you heard it from cods own mouth. if that is true cod so kin what? What if a wreck has been moved but not a rock on the sea bed. Would that be wrecks with a large tidal scour or one half submerged in sand btw. Any names of these wrecks that have moved and have they been re-charted by the mmo btw? So the scallopers of 2000 h p are not targeting the rocks and hundreds of square mile of sea bed hasn't been flattened. Now we know. Thanks for the information, learn something every day. ohh my giddy good gawed.
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