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  1. you fail to want to understand how scallop dredgers work, do you know the difference between retractable tines and a fishing boat that goes out of it's way to collect rocks and stones. And why do you continually fail to understand or want to understand where scallops live compared to the habitat that crabs and lobsters live in. All you support is yourself, you certainly don't support anglers that's for sure.
  2. why is that quisling, I support what farage has said yesterday yet you sport are so very sad that the political prison and the u k are to part, shame it's not next year. And the 150% support that b c falsely had offered the angling community is equal to the support you show for the uk angling fraternity, why are you on the a n web site, to troll from behind your sofa, about time you retired. Do you leave your flat go to work btw. quote: Mr Farage, who says he is a keen angler, also hit out against the EU’s treatment of non-commercial fisherman and said they treat them “like criminals”. He continued: “As a keen angler, I can testify that one of the joys of this activity until recently was that we were able to enjoy it with hardly any restrictions. “Then the EU decided to intervene. The Brussels bureaucrats maintain that conservation is an imperative and bass stocks are too low. (This, ironically, from an organisation whose quota policy has led to millions of tonnes of prime fish being thrown back dead into the sea over the last few years). But he insists that it is not UK anglers who have done the damage to bass stocks. He blasted: “The major harm has been done by commercial French trawling fleets. Over the last couple of decades, they have caught huge quantities of bass when they are shoaled up for spawning on the western approaches.
  3. another two years for you to suckle at your e u's political tit. why do you pop your quisling head up over the parapet when you hear good news for your e u masters, you make it so clear.
  4. here's the latest from the e u regarding the u k and fishing responsibility. The quisling labour mep's have voted down the u k gaining control of it's own waters back using international law of the sea in favour of the e u management remaining in control of u k waters. And technical gear again where the e u ignore the opportunity to allow the small fish the chance to breed. that's discard phone. E u management at it's best. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/931998/brexit-news-labour-party-vote-european-parliament-uk-fishing
  5. not a bad try phone, the first umpteen paragraphs confirmed that discard is bad and what the e u management is up to at present is also bad and the only piece of comfort gleaned from the rest of the paragraphs is that local knowledge is king and to adjust the gear to suit with recommendations from the guys on the coal face who are actually doing it. only had time to scan it quickly sorry. next time abridge the war and peace section for us all. Two examples I have seen previous in the u k is the north sea a net developed by the errrrmmmmm british called the eliminator net for the cod and haddock. b c will agree with me 'cough' that the advance in technical measures has been good news. And the other one has been a development in beam trawling nets and gear down the south west that get's rid of massively the junk and small fish they pick up and in a mixed fishery sorting out the wheat from the chaff can only be a step forward for the industry and the stock.
  6. since when? show us what evidence you have or invented. Why have the e u dictated that the u k anglers must discard the bass. On what model is that based on.
  7. yup and e u imported bass and bream that is farmed, sunken eyed, grey looking with scales that haven't formed. That competes with size of a herring. While the dutch and French boats have cleared out the breeding stock in the channel. putting u k anglers and the charter boat industry on a bass ban. Well done to the e u cfp management system for protecting fish stocks. first class . And this is where the likes of b c are in denial. And cory hasn't got a clue, while salivating suckling his e u political tit.
  8. You obviously haven't read this paragraph within kens link HAVE YOU. The first four lines ought to make you wake up and smell the coffee, but as usual you will ignore the facts. Clearly it touches on the effects caused by fishermen, however the main point being raised is the management or lack of it. You are now attempting to attribute the blame outside of the e u, yet the discussion is e u managed waters. If you wish to move outside of e u waters, consider the continent of Africa where there is and has been blatant over fishing to the detriment of those who rely on those fish to bloody well eat. Most shortages off that continent are caused by e u boats, where the e u pays the individual countries for permission to fish their waters. As a side issue can you see the e u paying the u k to fish the u k waters once the u k leaves. I ruddy well hope so and I hope that the e u management is going to stand up to e u decimation. quote: 4. Discussion Since 1983, when the CFP came into force, sustainability has been the stated core goal of EU fishery policy. However, management under the CFP has driven many stocks further away from this objective. A meta-analysis of European fish stocks during the past half century showed that the CFP has failed to have any clear positive effect on marine fish stocks (Sparholt et al., 2007). The decline of European fish stocks is well-documented, with 88% now overexploited relative to maximum sustainable yield targets and 46% fished outside safe biological limits (Condé et al., 2010). Recent studies (Piet et al., 2010; Villasante et al., 2010) and our own research, reveal the scale of overshoot that competitive ministerial bargaining driven by short-term national interests has produced. It is clear from our analysis that political mismanagement must bear a considerable share of the responsibility for this decline. Decision-making by competitive bargaining has shown a reckless disregard for scientific advice which has been produced at a high cost to taxpayers. The remainder of the blame could be attributed to other management failures such as the shortcomings of quota management, heavy subsidies, high levels of discarding, high grading and non-compliance with fishery regulations. No matter how well these other deficiencies are addressed in the forthcoming reform of the CFP, productive and sustainable fisheries will not be achieved if Fisheries Ministers’ cavalier disregard for scientific advice continues. Over the long-term, our simulation modelling suggests that such behaviour virtually guarantees the collapse of fish stocks, thus the practice amounts to institutionalised mismanagement of fisheries.
  9. What support will the u k's errrrrr partners, friends, mates in the e u have to offer? Or will it be silence. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/930846/Rex-Tillerson-blames-Russia-nerve-agent-Sergei-Skripal-Vladimir-Putin-USA-Trump-response
  10. an opinion that makes ohhhhleary and his blackmail threat to shut down routes as a reminder that the e u is important, is valueless. you have confirmed he's a greedy selfish bas tard. exploiting money out of e u tax payers, and you whinge about farage, while also ignoring the earnings and value of the e u tax payer funded kinnok clan. Your the epitome of hypocrisy
  11. ken dodd joke, honest. bloke who invented cats eyes. If the cat was going the other way he would have invented a pencil sharpener.
  12. anyway for a specific reason I bring back camerons speech recommending the u k remains in, anyone guess why? https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-speech-on-the-uks-strength-and-security-in-the-eu-9-may-2016
  13. From TAT's web site, they ain't happy with one of their fishing org 'partners' The government warns them to leave the otters alone and TAT ain't happy with natural England as they haven't communicated with them. So all's good for the otter. It's much the same for us sea anglers I suppose for wanting seals and dolphins dead because they eat fish, While the Government understand concerns raised about the impact otters may have on fish populations, they are a protected species and there are no plans to introduce methods to control their numbers. The Government understands that there are concerns that otters may have adverse impacts on fish populations and wildlife more generally but we do not accept that the otter ‘has become a detriment to the river environment’. They also made clear that with the current high level of legal protection afforded to the otter even ‘non lethal control’, as proposed by the petition, would constitute a criminal offence. Otters are a protected species and it is an offence to harm, capture, kill, disturb or injure any animal and/or damage, destroy or obstruct their resting or sheltering places. Therefore any methods of control, including non-lethal methods, would constitute an offence. Despite holding a joint meeting with the Barbel Society on the subject of otter predation in October 2017 and repeatedly pressing its current management for a clear position statement on what they were seeking to achieve, the Angling Trust has received no response and was not consulted on either the wording or the wisdom of launching this petition. However, the Trust has committed to press Natural England to take action to end the unregulated release of otters which have been ‘rehabilitated’ after sustaining injuries from cars or fighting between themselves. These animals are currently released into the environment without any consultation or consideration of their impacts on nearby fisheries.
  14. Fill your boots b c. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/929881/Brexit-Jacob-Rees-Mogg-Moggmentum-European-Union-Eurosceptic
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