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    Boat fishing and more boat fishing. Some times i have to go to work so it does interfere with my boat fishing, but not much.

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  1. off you go then, get on your soap box and tell them what you think of them, i'll be along in the morning to have a look. or would you like me to pass on your compliments, link to your facebook page as well? shall i also link it to the boat angling facebook page you advertise on? TAT, the angling trust will love you, they advocate the divide between commercials and anglers and support slating the industry as much as they can, you would do very well as a member, you could even apply to be an ambassador for the sport, i can foresee rapid promotion for you.
  2. i'm a follower phone what influence do i have as a bottom of the pile angler. Now cod with his charter boat business could write emails day in day out to the fisheries minister, m p's defra, the mmo seeking to improve his lot and the lot of the charter boat industry with his 150% offer of support, will he? I'm in favour of do nothing, even if the e u come back at a later stage and ask nicely if their boats can come in the u k will be in a stronger position to say, we have to look after our chaps and the fish stocks first and foremost, including the charter boat industry. Same as in t
  3. you gonna close this one down cod, or do you think you might get some mileage out of trumps next session as pres elect? https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1238489/trump-news-impeachment-senate-vote-acquit-donald-trump-latest-republicans-democrats
  4. here's another one that bucks cod misery trend phone, these are the u k's over tens, these are the guys who have the bulk of the e u's quota allocations to the u k, year on year, now read what they are saying. Cod will claim otherwise and blame bad press. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1238171/Nicola-sturgeon-news-uk-fishing-Scotland-fishing-Brexit-news
  5. well there's anglers then there's anglers aren't there. Why have you come to the conclusion that there is no cod in the channel due to the draggers, you do realise just how stupid that comment is, show us the facts to back up your assuming assumption. There are no amounts of cod in the channel and yes i haven't caught one. There has been no cod in the channel of note for the last 4-5 years, summer or winter, fact. O K, you can quote me on that. One wet fish shop top end of the channel had fresh cod roe on it's counter, 3 weeks ago, that was what was left of 3, 27lb ders they caught in t
  6. here's the up to date facts along with reality you choose to ignore with your miserable bubble of doom and gloom for all but your hated torys and the rich, note the cost of a barrel of oil at the moment, the scottish wasp chewer won't get fat on it. adsa diesel 124.00 btw. The annual inflation rate in the United Kingdom was at 1.7 percent in September 2019, unchanged from the previous month and slightly below market expectations of 1.8 percent. It remained the lowest inflation rate since December 2016, amid a slowdown in cost of transport, as fuel prices dropped the most since August 201
  7. dear ohhh dear you are one sad jealous miserable reprobate aren't you. Many affable charter skippers live in dorset, i should know i have been supporting them for the last 30 years. what austerity, i haven't noticed. At present the u k is at full employment and it is receiving record amounts of foreign investment exports are up and you still reporting doom and gloom, your one sad sac, you really are. What will happen to the e u , if it cocks up and looses the u k's financial centre for day to day funding, hows the e c b going to bail it out.
  8. what would you like me you tell you, in your dreams perhaps. nissan has announced it will remain in the u k, to the detriment to some euro plants perhaps, you can live with that can't you? Boris has repeatedly stated that there will be no trade offs re the u k's fish stocks, live with that as well sport. write to your mp if you have a fisheries concern, i did. what link have you provided this time, something relevant, have you read it, perhaps you can confirm.
  9. you missed out 2007, why, was it a deliberate 'mistake'?
  10. Is this a new A N record, one newspaper gets slagged off 3 times within three posts on one page.
  11. errrrmmmmm 100 pages, who would you like to imprison for a night or two to read this lot . pssst i got to page 15 and had to have a beer. The pages i read didn't bode well for any fishery. and there's still a smell around the e u management when it comes to discard and unregulated, unrecorded fish landings.
  12. ahhhhh, not a non story, but in fact true, this was what was deleted, don't know if this was the exact link but the detail within is correct. While tory bashing he didn't bother to check the date within. it mentions a change to the pensions act and that was in 2007.Now the important piece about that, it was when blair was on the move and brown took over as prime minister.It was therefore under a labour government that the pension allowance was removed. That was during the labour governments 5 billion pound per year private pensions robbery, but before the gold sell off btw. https://www.ms
  13. according to barny today u k fishing is owned by the e u or else. cod will love this one. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1237166/Brexit-news-Michel-Barnier-trade-deal-mandate-latest-update yes, bet the e u are quaking at the news today that car plants in europe are closing in favour of the sunderland plant. more good news for the u k management cod. Yes? Now please re post your link to the nasty reductions in u k pensions or have you realised you have cocked up yet again, once you have actually read your link.
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