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  1. jer


    isn't the weight of the water,if it gets inside the waders,what makes it difficult to get back on your yak.
  2. awsome i like alot want 1
  3. i know what you meen sometimes you feel you got go,and oxwich is usually sheltered .
  4. i was using lug or small strips of squid,sounds like you had a lucky escape,was the sea rough.what yak you got.
  5. Fished oxwich wreck on fri had my first trigger fish,well 3 to 2 1/2lb what a fight also had small pollock and mackerel. there were 3 lads on a warrior 165 they couldn't fail they must have had at least 40 triggers,all in all a great session
  6. jer

    anchor trip

    thanks for the advice i'll give them a try including the spinach.
  7. jer

    anchor trip

    finally got out today at oxwich,i use a cable tie as my anchor trip and needed to break it out,i could not move it. if it wasn't for a friendly boat angler with a 60hp engine my anchor would still be at oxwich. does anybody know of an easier way or method to tripping the anchor. did catch 2 bass to 2 1/2 lb 1 gurnad about 1lb and 4 mackerel.
  8. jer

    Anchor size

    Hi i use the 1.5kg over clean bottoms and the .75kg over rough ground with no chain and the trip system so if it gets snagged not to much expense lost works well to.
  9. i also use para cord £5 for 25m with stainless caribener,s and large snap links,you can make them any length and are relatively cheap.
  10. hi i find clips are alot easier than knots your able to change between surface or diving lures depending where the fish are feeding i use norman speed clips from america,but sakuma are doin a similar one called a fast link,you can do away with the standard split ring and connect straight to the lure.
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