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    computers/fishing/target shooting(plinkers:)<br />death:)hehe<br />space<br /><br />and of course AN:)
  1. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...me=STRK:MESE:IT got some goodys for sale if anyones interested boat/motor/dvds/camera etc ect steve
  2. you should have added a bbc employee!! oh!!maybe not ,that would have taken all the biscuits out of the joke! mr ross could have helped with that joke!
  3. Hi all hope everyones doing well and landing some good fish! Just a quick brain picker! anyone know of any good spots in the tongue area of scotland? and what to expect in general!. im new to the area ,and so far i have landed some cracking weed and kelp!. but considering the area and its amazing coastline, thier must be some cracking spots and some good fish here somewhere!! any help or advice would be of great help!! maybe i can get a minute to try some out! ontop of sorting this house out! we rented it and before we moved in the mains water made the place alittle wet so
  4. any seals or otters? they have been playing havoc with my limited trips but alas its good to see such amazing wildlife(otters espec) orkney is an amazing place and the sea trout taste gooooood! sod fishing for mini fish on the english beaches again:)
  5. Hi all After a long day of walking around a childs hospital here in edinburgh and calming down my newest daughter during her ordeal of a blood test(shes 11 days old) she got stuck during birth and had a hard time with 8 nurses pulling and twisting to free her(they did great i must add) she attained some odd lumps on her neck(just below the ear)both sides and they we not lypths (they think)so we took her for some tests to find out. ultrasound of lumps and abdoman checked out fine so now we are waiting on whatever they are testing for now.. i was alittle pushed when it came to taki
  6. try using the crank handle on the side !! it will fly after that:) xp is fine after a fresh install but becomes increasingly slower as you put dx9 in and other needed stuff(avg,winzip,dx9,ect etc) im using avast antivirus now as it is a mere bit faster at boot than avg(by about 4%)nothing much though really. il weed down more non essetials soon and try and speed it up more but apart from a fresh install im flogging a dead horse.. and my system is overclocked:( atleast your pc doesnt sound like a small aircraft when fired up!! ive even brought earplugs
  7. was that your boy staring? if it is get the scrotes hair cut!!! bloomin students
  8. Hi all Well i went for the dreaded MOT today and my almost pristine audi 80 1992 failed!!!! Ive done allot of work on this car! headgasket belts new waterpump and thermostat reconditioned the driveshafts and replaced cv boots etc anti roll bars/balljoints rockerbox gasket(which has an annoying habit of leaking despite what you do with gasket blue or spanners etc replaced normal leads with megaleads distributer cap airfilter and hoses cleaned the carb inside and out cheaked the exhust and fixed where needed(firepaste)damn speed bumps knock it around!!! well id say i
  9. sorry im good!! besides getting as far from those organised criminals we call number 10 as i can is better:) i can watch as they tear the country apart for there expenses and a bonus,. what species are most common around the lochs and beaches? is there any fish left in the ocean:)?lol
  10. just digging about for any info on local spots from beach to loch fishing:) any info folks or any nice photo ops
  11. sod that! you need this motor flashy motor
  12. id be happier carrying a gun on each hip ) add a sign on the door with a picture of a sieve and a txt saying "do you wanna look like this ?" or just blast afew holes in my front door!,that should make intruders think twice:)lol honestly though!id feel better having something to even the odds in the event of a break in..... maybe a,,ummmmm rocket launcher! that will learn em!
  13. I couldnt stomach any of the lying knobs and neither would get my vote!!!!nor any!!! newt i think we would need a bigger box as all of the words would be the same as the last election(not that gordy had to stand to get in is it!!! lying filth the lot of em!! to me they are all toffs with no brains but the best education?!(youd think that would sound odd but these people dont show any level of education at all! no better than the mafia except the mafia has my vote!!!they are straight up unlike the labour party or any other. the time you find out youve been had is the time yo
  14. in the games section here! is a really really addictive game wait for the trailers(or skip)and arrange the defences to herd the enemy its the top game in the section Visit My Website ive played this too much:) i think in easy mode the top score is 2307 give it a go
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