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  1. There's considerable evidence that all culls do is lead to an explosion in numbers of smaller pike. There's quite a lot of info here and here and here. The campaign against culling is being stepped up on a number of fronts, if you're interested subscribe to the PAC Blog here and get an e-mail every time it's updated.
  2. I'm off for a couple of weeks' fishing but have offered to help Bob and Brenda promote the club, I've PM'd you my numbers - give me a call.
  3. Hi Chris, everything is just fine, phone and ISP problems. Will phone Trev although I did speak to the round fella a week or so back. Trust that you are also well. Glad to hear it Pete. Haven't bumped into the big fella for a while, Gerry Castles' funeral was the last time. I'm fine thanks - just getting ready to start fishing again.
  4. Peter Waller... Could you phone Trev Salmon - he was getting a bit worried a few weeks back because he couldn't get hold of you. Hope all's well, CB
  5. I wouldn't bother with a stop knot, just use a couple of rubber rig stops - moisten them before you slide them to avoid damaging the line. Stick a bead on afterwards, then your float. Pencil floats are best for stillwaters as long as it's not too rough. Avoid the loaded ones. Attach it bottom-end-only, set it a foot or two overdepth and stick three or four swan shot on the trace about 18" from the bait. When you sling it out, the float will lie flat on the water. Tighten the line carefully and it will cock. This is very sensitive, it will usually keel over when a fish picks your ba
  6. Try this link.. Fens fishing column
  7. You're nowhere near the Broads up there, it's right on the North Coast and there's a dearth of coarse fishing. Good samphire picking but limited sea fishing as it's mostly salt marsh. Come inland a bit and there are a few day ticket fisheries, the nearest is Springfields Lake off the A149 Snettisham Bypass, it's controlled by the tackle shop opp the police station in Hunstanton, which is about 20mins' drive from Deepdale.
  8. I've got several spools of line, braid etc with a few yards left on I was going to junk if anyone wants them for tests. I think the tucked thing is because you twist the line both ways to tie a grinner (?) if that makes any sense. I use uni knots and never have a problem, though I do fish a bit on the heavy side.
  9. I lobbed a few suggestions in (see above...) mostly within a few miles.
  10. Favourite lures are Shad Raps, Jtd Rapalas, mag grubs, Curlies, copper spoons. My son has a battled-scarred Big S permanently on his rod and frequently out-catches me with it. Deads-wise mackerel, sardine, trout and lamprey, usually 8 - 10".
  11. Long range carp rods tend to be fast-actioned. Pike rods are more progressive for a similar test curve. The rods I use a lot of the time are 3.25lbs test curve and will cope with chucking big baits about but being fairly slow taper, they don't rip the hooks out of the bait on the cast like fast-actioned rods to.
  12. You'll cast baits off using rods which are too tippy, so pike rods tend to have more progressive actions.
  13. BBC News 24 today reports on pike anglers' concerns over a mystery tagger festooning fish with cable ties on their local canal. BBC story Original PAC News report
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