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  1. If you fish Allhallows or Grain again Munty, maybe you could know as I fish them regular. There is one place on Grain that I want to try but it's the sort of place that you would fish alone and some company would be good.
  2. Just to let everyone know if you want a potato fork for digging blow lug or rag, Spear and Jackson still seem to offer that old fashioned service. I spoke to the customer dep't service asking about a potato fork and the local rep phoned me the next morning to find out where I live as, there are very few retailers who hold them in stock. They are going to get one delivered to my local garden centre for me for collection, all at no extra cost. How’s that for service. http://www.spear-and-jackson.com/products/..._record_id=6157
  3. Must admit that I have wondered about this too but it would make sense as it would be easier for them to keep a shoal together. On a recent session fron the beach I caught 5 all within the space of about 45 minutes, decent sized fish too. The smallest just over 2.5lbs the biggest over 3lbs, then nothing for the rest of the session. Must admit that this is the first time that this has happened, normally it is just the single fish unless of course you are talking about schoolies.
  4. Tigger2000


    I am just dreaming about bass like this waiting to take my bait.
  5. I know that it's taking things to the extreme and many other beach anglers would probably think you were an idiot, but I have wondered if it would be a wise precaution to wear a life jacket when fishing beaches were there are huge waves, as some American Bass anglers do on the surf beaches. I was fishing a beach on the Thames Estuary in November where the water was about 20 feet down the beach and there was only a medium swell, when the wash from a boat that was probably going faster than the legal limit came in and covered the whole beach up to a depth of about four feet in places. Two angler
  6. I have always concentrated on beach fishing with some trips out on charter boats, but all too often, I have only ended catching undersized fish. I now want to buy a boat about 15 to 18 feet or so but I am not happy with the idea of going out alone so I want to find someone to share the cost of buying and running the boat with me. If anyone would like to do this they must be retired (I am) so they can be available weekdays as well as some weekends and be within easy reach of Rochester Kent. I have already done some groundwork so I have a fair idea of the costs involved. If you are interested, p
  7. I totally agree with you Kleinboet about the lack of any real punishment for those who commit crime, the whole system is far too soft and then you have this crazy situation where pleading guilty will get you an automatic 50% reduction on your sentance in most cases. Where is the punishment in a system that operates by those guidlines ? What we need is tougher sentancing, ok it may not stop anyone commiting a crime in the first place but I believe that it would have a marked effect on the offenders who repeatedly go out and re offend. Not all countries are as soft as us, take the U.S.A for inst
  8. If you are thinking of buying from any supplier it's always a good idea to do a search with google or ask.com and put the word 'nightmare / problems or hassle' after the sellers name. I learnt the hard way after I purchased a graphics card from a large well known online discount seller, they totally ignored my emails for a warranty claim until I bombarded them with emails from different addresses two or three times a day. Even though they eventually replied they were so difficult I eventually went to the manufacturer who offered to repair it but charged even though it was within the warranty
  9. I cant agree with you more Mike, all we ever hear now is rehabilitation of offenders and I was amazed to hear recently on the news one evening about the automatic 50% reduction in sentance for simply pleading guilty in most cases. I know there will be howls of disagreement with my comments but I was always brought up to accept the fact that if one broke the law that you would be punished for it ! What is wrong with our society when money becomes more important than life Itself ? This view is even taken in the courts, commit a large robbery and you will receive a harsher sentance than a murdere
  10. I have been given a Century Tiger 235 carbon match that I want to use as a second rod but am unable to find any infomation on it anywhere. It has a fast taper with a very stiff butt section so I guess it has to be a beach rod, does anyone have any idea what the rated casting weight is. Thanks.
  11. Have to admit that I take a black rubbish sack in the back of the car whenever I go sea fishing and I never come back with it empty. I just don't understand the mentality of so called anglers who leave their rubbish everywhere, would they throw their rubbish in their garden and leave it to build up ? I don't think so. It's no wonder that there are so many complaints about the mess that is left behind. or venues that are threatened with closure because of the constant rubbish that is left for others to clear.
  12. I have seen bait pumps listed on Ebay and I wonder if anyone has any personal experience of using them on beaches that are a mixture of mud and soft sand . Are they just a just a total waste of time and money or do they work ? In the past I used to dig my own bait, but I am unable to do it anymore and supplies of good lug are not always easy to come by especially on short tides.
  13. Wondering if anyone has fished the Hythe / Dungeness / Dengemarsh beaches in the last week ? if anyone has, any any reports or info would be very appreciated as I have not been there for a very long time and I hope to go sometime this week. Thanks everyone.
  14. I suppose it is a sign of compassion by our government to spend taxpayers money to allow failed asyum seekers to stay in the U.K while they work through the endless appeals proceedure ! I would be interested to know what other countries do this, as I would be suprised to hear that this policy is followed everywhere.
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