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    Sea fishing , Photography, Cricket.
  1. For your information Chesters I can play one reasonably well!!!! I had on 12 months ago but because of cash flow problems had to sell it and I would like to continue Do you still have your daughters? [ 29. March 2004, 10:25 PM: Message edited by: Ian Bass ]
  2. Has anyone out there got a CHEAP Clarinet for sale? Buy or Swap Let me know please
  3. 'Snowbee' make brilliant chesties [ 27. March 2004, 06:44 PM: Message edited by: Ian Bass ]
  4. Terry, You need help mate:). Best advert, Adidas, Ali vs his daughter, simply brilliant!
  5. As soon as ALL adverts come on in our house I hit the mute button on the remote. I loathe and detest all adverts
  6. There was a young man from Wales, Who lived on caviar and snails, When he couldnt get these, He lived on the cheese, That he sraped, from his d***, with his nails. I'll bet Newt removes this as well!!! I apologise in advance to you Newt:) [ 25. March 2004, 06:55 AM: Message edited by: Ian Bass ]
  7. Driller, Cheers mate, I am a Lloyds TSB customer. I am now aware of the scam thanks to you.
  8. I introduced Eileen (my wife) to angling 3 years ago. Although she is disabled she can manage to use a 7mtr pole and is quite happy fishing for tiddlers. Just when we started I only had one pole so I let her use it while I used a rod and reel (yuk!!) After catching 2 or 3 small perch she asked me for a bit of help. As I looked accross I saw a large tail come out of the water. After a decent scrap she landed a lovely 5lb Carp. And the phrases "Oh well done dear" and "Isnt that lovely" were said (yeah right) We have also had two of the top match anglers who fish at the pond we use. (more tac
  9. I know this is a bit off the wall BUT I have a full clutch for a Rover Metro (petrol engine)It is boxed and OBVIOUSLY unused £55oVno plus p+p 10% of any sale goes to Chris Goddards effort to raise money for Elton. [ 24. March 2004, 08:31 PM: Message edited by: Ian Bass ]
  10. Please dont take this the wrong way but the best way is to buy/borrow some books and read as much as you can then try what you have read! Have a go
  11. You can get about 30 watch batteries on a card from £land. The larger ones fit in tip lights, they might not last quite as long as the ones as you buy from the tackle shop but theres not much difference and £1 for 10 batteries is not bad value
  12. Just a point. I have a Pole for sale on the For Sale/Wanted section. If someone buys it I will donate 10% of any price I receive for it to Elton towards the running costs of the site. How's that Chris?
  13. I have an 11mtr Browning Black Magic 2 for sale. I bought it last year and it has only been used 6-7 times from new. It has 3 top kits in total which have all been elasticated. It is a cracking pole. offers please, I may be willing to take another pole in PX (8-11mtrs) [ 15. March 2004, 09:54 PM: Message edited by: Ian Bass ]
  14. Hi Chris, Got the books this morning. Brilliant, cheers mate.
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