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  1. A group of friends of mine from another place, are organising a beach clean up and pairs competition afterwards at Orford Ness on the 15th/16th September. The volunteer cleaners are going over at 8am and returning at 2.30pm. Then the friendly pairs comp starts at 5pm. Anyone wishing to attend either or both, see below. Penn Tackle are offering prizes for the comp, as are other anglers taking part. The National Trust, Suffolk County Council and Sea Angler Magazine are all assisting as well with publicity, free trip across in the morning and gloves, bin liners and picker-up whatsits.
  2. Aaghhhh Sole! These are Sole aren't they or are Sole larger?
  3. Hi Barry, Been busy, and fishing. What make do you suggest? Not money no object, but would no mind paying to get a v good one.
  4. I am looking for a Floatation Suit, called so I presume so that if you fall in you will float. However some manufacturers claim to make ones that breath. Do they really work as a Floatie? Looking for one best for both Boat and Shore. Also what would the assembled experts suggest as a reasonable size 1.5 man Bivvy for spending a Winter Night or two at Orford cod fishing? Need something that will fit a 17st 6.0" biggy in comfort, but doesn't weigh a ton, is easy to put up and won't blow away in a gale when pouring with rain.
  5. Much better thanks Barry. Not running but walking. Mind you the surgeon said I would never run again anyway. I said I hadn't run anywhere for at least 10 years and was not intending to start now. LOL
  6. Steve, How did you find out about the site? Was it advertised in Sea Angler Magazine? Total Sea Fishing? Sea Angling Websites? Anglers Times, Trade Press, Tackle Shop Press? Do please tell?
  7. Just got my bi-focal polarising glasses. As I can't see long distance, old fart now, and cannot see to bait up or thread a hook length when wearing long distance glasses, nor can read anyway without reading specs, also old fart's problem, and using my ordinary ones to fish with and being dazzled in the sun, these are great. Not only that they were half the price of my clear ones. So whoever criticised without even trying them, I say balderdash!!!! And I look so much cooler in them as well. Leastways I think I do, the boss still says I look like an old fart, but that is her problem.
  8. I did do so and was advised if I wanted to take matters further, to instruct a lawyer. There was no point, it would only have wasted my time and tax-payers money. In reality the place was worse, blood on the walls, sh1t on the floors, it was filthy. Blair is wholly to blame, as he did not instruct his Ministers and their Civil Servants to do something about the problem. I was always taught that it was the Captain of the ship who was responsible for everything happening under their command, not the junior officers and ratings. The point is that it is no good throwing money at a proble
  9. As an individual who contracted MRSA following an operation to repair my ankle, and nearly had to have my leg amputated because of it, and DESPITE not being an MRSA carrier, I hold Blair and his cohorts wholly responsible. They pumped money into the NHS, but did not ensure that the people spending it knew what they were doing. When I came round from the OP, the bottom of my bed was soaked in blood, I called for the Nurse, no one turned up for four hours, I was left lying with blood-soaked wet bandages for 12 hours, until the surgeon came to see me the next day, and he created merry hell, o
  10. There were two young ladies from Birmingham And I know a story concerning 'em The remainder was removed. [admin note - sorry. Funny stuff but a little big much for an open 'kid friendly' forum. Newt]
  11. Interesting point Wurzel, it would appear to me that if it was the case that the system would be b******d before it started.
  12. The devil with politicians is as usual in the detail. 1. Primary case for RSA Licences is that we should pay for our voice. Answer: We have been through the nose since 1970. 2 Bradshaw mentions that some measures must be taken before hand. Question? What measures? 3. Salter says RSA support this. Answer: The majority don't. Point is that my letter, albeit tongue in cheek, awaits an answer from Bradshaw. I will if I ever receive one, post it up here. I would think I would need give their snail like civil servicants a month to weigh up whether I am a complete lunatic, or someone
  13. Could someone for the sake of good order confirm or provide evidence to the contrary that Arnold Locker mentioned here who is President of the NFFO is one and the same person who has been convicted along with his company of black fish landings. I think the public shoud be aware of the truth one way or the other Can any of the commercial subscribers confirm this?
  14. Why thank you Wurzel, I am glad to see you think I have done the right thing.
  15. I realise that this has about as much chance as there being tits on a bull, but what the hell, if you don't ask you don't get and as it is my birthday, I thought that maybe the Blair Godfather's Mafia might just have to grant it. Mr Ben Bradshaw MP DEFRA By e-mail: 26th April 2007. Dear Mr Bradshaw, I have been reading with increasing disquiet the proposal to make Recreational Sea Anglers (RSA) buy a licence. What benefit may I ask will they obtain from such a requirement? Answer: None. Reasons: 1. You will not restrict commercial fisherman from netting o
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