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  1. Due to the original ISP (UKOnline) closing down as of 20th Dec .. I have been forced to move the 'Aquarium Project' after 12 years - it can now be found at: http://www.uk-fish.info The site needs a major update having been neglected for several years .. but I guess this may just be the spur to dust down my webmastering skills and update all my sites ( hangs head in shame)..... If any one still has links to the UKOnline version of the site (or indeed if anyone even remembers that it's out there) please feel free to update to the link above. Phil
  2. PMSL ... way to go Davy and gratz on the new species to add to your list phil
  3. ... yup can be, never felt that way myself - honest >> cough cough :D :D Have to say I wish I could go fishing almost out of the backdoor of my house rather than having to drive 60 to 90 miles to get to the little blighters, although I'm sure they are very pleased about that arrangement Just out of interest Davy I saw the float gear behind Linda - so are you fishing next to a breadbag or just throwing out the groundbait? Phil
  4. Gratz Davy on the PB ...... much better than those nasty old skate Phil
  5. Decided enough was enough and that I really had to get out and do some fishing .. dusted down the Mullet Gear from the last time I used it -- late August last year me thinks ..... went down to Littlehampton .. saw a few nice fish early on just before low water ... rest of the day was rather quiet until around 12.30pm ... when I managed to hook and land a nice 21" thicklip that came in at 4lb-10oz .. so one pleased Bunny here .. nice way to start the session even if I do say so my self ... Phil ps.. and I was .. float fishing with a 2 swann stick float using a size 10 hook about 16
  6. Nice one Patrick .. welcome to the wonderful world of medway Mullet Phil oops .. sorry .. guess (although it's not easy with mullet - high variation with length / girth) 4lb to 4.1/2lb +/- something in that sort of order
  7. your going to need a bigger boat leon .. and just be careful what comes in after those mackerel .. doesn't it just want to make you take up Kayak fishing Phil
  8. well its not Weymouth but I thought this thread would do Went down to Littlehampton today .. hadn't really decided where I was going ... Folkestone.. Rochester.. or Littlehamptoon ... but the weather and the tides decided for me... Got down around 6am .. fishing the ebb by 6.30 .. and stright into a 5inch bass!!! uuuum!!! Saw a few mullet around the pontoons but either out of range or had the flow against me... still nice to know the little buggers are about though, sort of lifts the spirit some. The forecast was right.. and the heavans opened .. but I was fairly snug wrapped u
  9. I'll stick my neck out and say .. sounds like classic mullet behaviour to me. Mullet have an inquisitive nature and will follow a lure -- indeed its not unknown (puts hand up ) to think that the "bass" chasing ones lure was in fact a nosey mullet .... only thin lipped mullet however are normally caught using small spinners. If you're used to carp fishing then sure you should certainly try the surface crust/bread either free line or with a small surface controller (or similar suitable method).. not spooking them today may not be the case tomorrow - mullet have more moods than some
  10. no problem Jeff, I'm sure we'll catch-up at some stage... I'm going to try my best to come along to a couple of the remaining NMC fish-ins later this year... I think if I added all my little tiddlers together they may have just about been the same size as your single Yup it was an aggresive take and I did indeed think at first it was yet another little bass ... mind you it was a nice shade of green rather than the dirty brown of Leon's avatar Phil
  11. well I did go down this morning.. in the wind and rain .. but it cleared up within 10 mins of me parking my car Fished from about 5.45am onwards ... had a handful of tiny bass again .. I'd have been very happy if the inches were pounds .. even with the 4" pint size one!!! That was capped off by a shanny .. what it was doing in the mid-flow and 2 foot from the surface I have no idea .. maybe it just found the bread too tempting and had to swim up from the depths!! lol Had a couple of nice mullet splashing around in the shallows next to me ... could see their dorsal and tail fins ..
  12. I looked in my little fishing note book the other day whist clearing up one of the rooms in the house ... last entry for me fishing was late August 2006!!! God knows where the time goes .. too much work, lack of money, apathy.. and online gaming all seem to have resulted in a lack of participation of that which is very dear to me .. drinking beer .. oops no wrong chat area .. I mean fishing.... So I dusted down my mullet gear ... and went off down to Littlehampton this friday ... nearly killed me getting up at 2.30am ... in order to sort myself out.. drive down and to start fishing around
  13. Well done Matt ....... a rather long summer for you, but well worth the wait for such a good fish... Phil
  14. Yer its a small world ..... Leon taught me, I taught Chippy, and Chippy taught you............. and on it goes.. The last two weeks on Jersey were poor with a lot of 8 to 10" mullet, poor weather / wind / tide combinations, and the fact that I slipped over and smashed my knee up so didn't really feel like doing too much rock-hopping..... so I'll write those days up as and when - along with a whole load of others from the past couple of years!!!!!.... Did manage to take Karen down to Shoreham today, but the 10" mullet I caught looked a lot like those from Jersey..... think I'm doomed to
  15. Really Dave ...... http://web.ukonline.co.uk/aquarium/pages/hagfish.html although I do need to sort a description out sometime... Phil
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