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  1. Looks like a quite a few fish that one, first one that sprang to mind was an Asp.He's got a very direct method of playing and landing fish on the go there. Not sure I'd be so quick to swing in a fish of that size! I'd love to fish somewhere like Mongolia!
  2. dant

    Huge perch

    We've got our own mini Holland just across the water from the real thing - The Norfolk Broads!! There's some absolutely huge Perch in the Broads. I've had a number of 3lb+ fish and about 70% of them have come on feeder fished red maggot meant for Bream, the rest all bar 1 have come on lives meant for Pike. I can say, having grown up there albeit not having lived in the area for the last 10 years, I have never seen anyone specifically set their stall out for the Perch. I very rarely did myself, preferring to do most of my Perch fishing in the traditional upper river kind of way. I'm sure t
  3. dant

    Special Day

    Give me an afternoons piking on Rockland Broad, mild overcast day, late Feb, nice SW breeze on a well kitted out boat..
  4. Just got back from one of Norfolk's finest walks - Great Yarmouth to Reedham along the Breydon river walls and there's a pair of Spoonbills in the area just East of the Berney Arms. They were actually on the freshwater drainage lagoons on the marsh side. Too far away for the ol iPhone. First time I've ever seen them in this country! Apparently as recently as the 1850's there used to be a huge Heronry and 'Spoonbillery' at Reedham. Perhaps this is the start of the comeback??
  5. Good ol Norfolk eh?? Is that the wind pump down near How Hill? Storcks!!! I saw the Cranes out over the Thurne system last time I was back, which was great.
  6. https://www.google.co.uk/shopping/product/9428600768675808267?q=avon+twin+tip+rod&client=safari&hl=en&biw=320&bih=460&ei=biDaU5bhHeuf7Abqz4HACA&ved=0CJ4BEKYrMAQ https://www.tackleuk.co.uk/app/shimano-exage-4000rc-p-547383.html?gclid=CjwKEAjw0ueeBRCmhozc-_DRrlUSJABihBEE5dsouswsh0XfzYrtgG-0PyG_UcO9llXZjgwobo33kxoCwhHw_wcB I would consider starting off with an 'all rounder' type set up. You'll have a rod that will suit your local river fishing and one that can do a good job if pushed into service for lots of different angling scenarios. The avon (non quiver tip) s
  7. I'm sure someone who actually fishes it will give you much more relevant info but from living not too far away, I might suggest that security may only be medium at best. I would be parking the car somewhere well lit and in plain view..
  8. dant

    Big rudd

    Some old reading material on the matter and yet another, albeit old fashioned take on the tactics.. http://www.forgottenbooks.org/readbook_text/Roach_Rudd_Bream_Fishing_1000073033/77
  9. dant

    Big rudd

    I'm watching the Rudd Diaries with interest. I hope he gets one. Not sure I've ever seen quite so many variants on catching one species of fish all in one place!
  10. dant

    Big rudd

    Floating maggots? Works a treat on Horsey Mere if you keep an eye out for marauding Terns.
  11. I'm posting this up on behalf of one of my close mates. It's a lovely boat, very well looked after and stored. It's a perfect inshore dinghy and would be spot on for Broads Piking.. Here's his write up: 15ft GRP boat, 6ft beam, really stable on the water perfect fresh or sea fishing boat. It has a large central locker which can house the fuel tank and line if necessary. Auxiliary outboard mounting. (covered in the picture) Two year old Nelson County Marine cover. 17ft trailer which tows really well. 9.9hp 4 stroke Mariner outboard which is in very good condition ha
  12. All good advice there! I might suggest something along the lines of my 10ft Greys GRXI travel spinning rod. It's not a cheap rod but it's just about the most versitile one I own. It's landed a double figure Greek Dorada, it's a good Mullet rod, use it for all my attempts at spinning for Bass, not total overkill for Chub and Perch and is an easy rod to cast most 'normal' spinners and plugs as a sporting Pike rod.. I've found it really useful. I've been doing a lot of cycling in the last few years and I can get the rod in its tube and just about everything I need for an on the hoof sess
  13. You must be going to somewhere along Ferry Road then, Nice! I'm often round that way charging about on my bike. Some really good countryside and lanes over that side of the river. I grew up across the river at Cantley, you'll see the sugar factory silos and chimneys a couple of miles off. Yes the river will be coloured very much so on the bigger tides. You won't have to worry too much about the finer tackle. Personally I'd fish something like a 6lb mainline to cope with the weight of the feeder and say a 3lb bottom with 12-14's for the bigger baits and 16's for everything else. Tak
  14. Wahey 2003-2014 - how time flies.. All the advice given hasn't changed though.. The river rockets through at Reedham. Best thing to try and do if you want to fish Reedham itself is to try to get yourself in the lee of a bend to cut of a bit of the flow, either that or behind an obstruction of somekind. Fish close in and if you groundbait add some white crumb or something sticky to make sure it gets to the bottom. If you fish a feeder it wants to be at least a couple of ounces. There'll be lots of Eels which'll make a mess of any worm or maggot baits but there are Bream and Roach there an
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