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  1. Hi all



    Im a Fly and Course man who has fished a bit in the sea around UK (Charter boats and Shore)

    I have recentley been divorced, Kids are Grown up so are looking to achive a life time ambition.

    I want to go Big Game fishing.

    I dont have a massive Budget and dont really know were to Start, Cuba looks Inviting But would welcome some advice and sugestions, even were to book.

    If your able to help I would much appriciate it, I will be travlling on my own.

    Thanks Richard

  2. Oh No Not Again,………Well can you believe it, 9 years later and the same factory has had a fire and explosion (Yesterday 22/04/2010) and again all the fish are dead in the Anker from Weddington (Near Nuneaton) as far as Atherstone and most likely beyond. It was devastating to see the fish yesterday dead and floating down the river, this company needs to be closed down, they have not learnt any kind of lesson from before and no plan was put in place to stop contaminated water getting into the river.

    Disgraceful, this is such a lovely little river with great fishing and well used locally.

    I was planning my first day of the season on the Anker.

    Angry is too light a word to describe my feelings, disgraceful, the full force of the law needs to be exercised.




  3. Try free lining bread for chub, fold a nice piece onto the hock, (size 8 or there abouts) dunk in the water an flick it out play line of the reel, center pin is best and wait for the action, make sure you keep in touch with the bait, the bites are very positive, also feed the swim for 10 minuets before you cast in.

  4. Fantastic catch Bluerinse,


    Did the barbel come on the float too?


    I'm a member of SAA too and am slowly exploring their waters this season for the first time.

    Looking forward to trying Severn Meadows shortly, and now, with ren-weed vigour that I may be able to catch barbel there on my float rod and 'pin?


    Fingers crossed





    Yes it came on the float, I was long troting just below the wear (second peg) on the second Medow, the fish took at the junction were the boat lock cuts of from the river

    Its a good swim and often occupied, the baliff told me no one had fished it for over a week which is unusal. Its a gravle bottom mid river about 4 foot deep.


    Good luck

  5. Due to a change in my personal life I have not been able to wet a line for 3 months; finally I got out on the Bank on Tuesday.


    I went to the River Avon on the Seven Meadows stretch below Stratford, controlled by Stratford Angling Club.

    I took my trusted pin and 13 ft float road, a pint and a half of Maggots and a tin of Luncheon meat

    I started Long trotting and caught every cast, Roach, Chublet, Minnow, and all manor of tiny Fish, I upped my Hock Size to 14 and fished 3 maggots, the size of the fish improved slightly, then I caught a 1/2lb Barbel, which was really nice to catch, I carried on for an hour more but the Maggots were just catching small fish, I was hoping for some Chub or Barbel.



    I then went on to meat and hooked something solid first cast, but it snagged me and I had to put free.

    After about an Hour I again hooked what could only be a barbel and the merry dance began, What a fight, 15 minuets later I banked a wonderful 9lb 2oz Barbel, which was photoed and returned.

    I fished on for 2 more hours but had nothing more.



    This is a personal best for me from the River Avon so I was made up.

    The river had been in perfect nick, little bit of Colour and running at a good pace.

    Bloody hell how I enjoyed my days fishing after 3 months.

    I feel like I have just discovered fishing again.


    Cheers for reading

  6. I was sea trout fishing in Sweden in the 90's with lures on a small river that ran from the Baltic sea to a lake half a mile in land.

    I hooked a fish that gave me a very dogged fight. it came to the bank and I was supprised to see it was a bream a fluck you might think but i went on to catch about 15 bream.

    The only reason I can come up with is they were breading and the males were chasing away small fish that were feeding on the eggs?


    also about a year after I was fishing the very same river this time with the fly when I landed a 100 Kronna Note (about £7.00 worth in those days) I had hooked it right in the corner!!!

  7. As a kid I use to use Tadpoles as perch bait.

    Perch loved them. You had to hook them in the tail otherwise it just became a mush if you hooked the head.

    in an old pit I fished as a kid there were massvie clouds of tads, a sweep with the landing net got you all the bait you need for a day. (most of the tads went through the holes but you still had plently in the net)

  8. I have eaten Lamprey, and have to say its is fantastic.

    I had it in Latvia were it is somewhat of a delicacy.

    It is smoked and jellied, you buy it in the markets were they keep it in what we would call washing up bowls

    It is layered and covered in jelly.


    As with most things, people would not eat it if it did not taste good; it’s just what your used too.


    I would eat it again if I could buy it in this country.

  9. I agree, unfortunately they'll just pass the cost of fines on to the 'customer' and to cap it all if we have two consecutive weeks of good weather they'll impose a hosepipe ban neatly sidestepping their mis-management of our resources.


    The threat of a prison sentence might focus a few minds.


    Shockingly bad photos,

    Fine should be a minimum £1mil.

    And I agree it looks like they were going to hope no one noticed, at this the judge should be doubling the fine, not reducing it for pleading guilty early.

    Typical of this country currently, we need to get some balls.

  10. Anyone got any old fly line that is not wanted (i.e. free), it's not going to be used for fishing, so condition relatively unimportant? Nice bright colour required e.g. flouro red/orange/yellow. I need about 30ft.


    go on then I will ask,

    what you need it for?

  11. This is the earliest Angling Quote that I am aware of, there are fishing quotes earlier but not Angling, Quote used tentatively as this is a poem.


    Interestingly I believe he is saying he has had enough of commercials (owned ponds) and is going to fish the rivers, No really I believe that is what the poem is about.



    Trinity College, Cambridge,

    Auther Piers of Fulham

    Date Fifteenth century



    Thefor I stonde cliere out of doute,

    Shall I never ponde wythe pykes store

    Breame tenche. Perche never the moore.

    But in rennyng ryvers that bee commone.

    there will I fisshe and taake my fortune

    Wyth nettys, and angle hookys,

    And laye weris and sprenteris in narrowe brookys,

    for loochis and lampreyes, and good layk,

    I will stele off no mans a strayke.

  12. I have fished street lights swims, I have found them to be no more productive than non lite swims.

    in the Summer there is a down side, you get more Mozzies in the lighted area and tend to get bitten more.

    Street light swims are good if you want to fish late and don't have apropriate tackle for night fishing, you also stand less chance of leaving tackle behind.

  13. If angling wants anglers to be awarded in the honors list then we need to make more nominations. The awards are only given if there are members nominated and a case put forward. if we are serious about having more awards for Angling then we the members of this site should decide who is worthy and nominate them, 15 nominations is the normal amount needed for one individual' for the nomination to be considered., sport gets on average 250 -300 nominations per year, so the odds are quite good. The sports minister said on radio yesterday that they are encouraging more nominations for people involved in grass roots of a sport (for example amateur team managers or chairpersons of football clubs who have dedicated there life to encouraging football)

    They want more unseen sporting heroes as opposed to the superstars that are in the public eye.

    Any suggestions or nominations?

    We could have some nomination on the site vote and then make an official application.

    Beats moaning about the lack of awards our sport gets.

  14. I took my Center pin and a pint of maggots for a walk up the river Alne yesterday. The Alne is a small river that joins the river Arrow at Alcester in Warwickshire (the Arrow then joins the Avon about 3 miles down river at Salford Priors)

    I fish half a mile up from were it joins the Arrow, it is about 8 to 10 foot wide at this point, and is gravel runs’ and deep holes. I was trotting on some slow stretches of the river were the water is about 3 foot deep, I just feed 3 or 4 maggots and held the float back, I had a very nice if not cold afternoon, with 4 chub all of which were 2lb and a Dace at about 8oz. Not bad for a freezing cold day, the rings on my rod kept icing up. I decided to call it a day and walk back to the road, on the way back I saw a fast run with a small but deep depression at the end of it, I thought it looked to good to not run the float through, I de-iced the rings, feed 4 maggots into the fast water and ran the float down into the depression, the float buried and I missed it, I did the same, feed 4 maggots and ran the float again, it buried again and I connected with a fish, well what a surprise it was a fine cock brown trout, I was gob smacked I have fished this river for years and never seen a trout. I ran the float through again and was into a fish this time a nice female trout, what a brace, both just over a 1lb and really fit and in good condition.


    I had heard that there had been trout caught in the Alne but I had never seen them and thought it a bit of an old wife’s tale. These two were obviously about to mate, both were returned safely.

    Now I am planning a bit of a fly fishing venture come may fly time on the Alne.

    This has really pleased me as its only 10 minuets from my house and if I want to fly fish for trout on a river I have to driver for more than an hour and a half and its free fishing.


    Happy New Year


    Cheers all Richard

  15. As a kid I used to collect flint stone of the beach at Hastings, these would have holes in them were chalk had been but had washed out in the sea, I then used to ties a bit of line through the hole and add a swivle, I used these for sea fishing. I still have one in my sea tackle box, it must be 35 years ago when i collected it.

    The benifit was that I used to lose a lot of weight fishing over rock ground in the sea, these were free and did the job. As an aside I also used to use my dads old spark plugs for sea weights.




    The adhesive is important and the suggestion of Araldite and two part epoxy are correct, the most important and costly part is the vice to hold the stones whist drilling them, a stone flying through your garage at X thousand revolution can cause a lot a damage, if not death.

    Should you be using flint stone then i am not sure that a masonry bit will be man enough for the job?

  16. 1 TROUT-SEA





    6 BLEAK


    8 BREAM

    9 BARBEL

    10 EEL


    12 BULL HEAD


    14 CHUB

    15 DACE



    18 SALMON






    24 ZANDER

    25 GUDGEON





    30 RUFFE

    31 MINNOW

    32 PERCH

    33 RUDD

    34 PIKE

    35 ROACH

    36 TENCH




    40 SMELT




    Well I can only come up with 41 and some of those might not be in the thames

  17. Its a London-style roach pole, much beloved of Frank Murgett and generations of Thames and Lea anglers before him.


    I have a very similar one, although of fewer and longer joints. The best-known were those made by Sowerbutts. Has yours a woven silken loop whipped to the tip?


    A roach pole is indeed a "travel rod" as roach anglers would travel from the crowded areas of London to their swims on the Thames or Lea in overcrowded third-class railway carriages, drawn by steam locomotive.


    PS Looking at the last photo, you could always use the lower joints as a pool cue :)



    Thanks Vagabond, do you know how old it is?

    It does not have the loop but it does have a noble on the end were a loop would have been.

    Its has no makers mark unfortunately. I think I might give it an airing on the Warwickshire Avon.

    It’s really nice to know what it is I thought it might be oriental for some obscure reason

    As for a pool cue if I don’t hide it away I am sure my kids would use it!!

  18. Can anyone give me any info on this pole, I purchased it about 5 years ago at a boot sale, and it came in a black card/materiel bag, its 13 foot long

    It is well made and very light.

    Any one knows how old it is?

    What type of fish would it have been used for?

    County of origin?

    Could it and would you use it today, if yes what for? (I am thinking of using it for catching bleak for live bait)

    Anyone seen or own something similar?

    I also wonder if it was made as a travel pole, as each section is aprox 1.5 foot long and would be easy to pack and carry when travelling!!

    Any info would be appreciated









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