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  1. That would be great thanks a lot Regards Richard
  2. Hi The river is in fine form, full of chub to 4lb, some big perch, the odd barble to 9lb, the odd carp to 10lb. The best fishing though is the roach and dace, it has been amazing. If you can find the roach you can have a great day. The river is very healthy, full of gudgen, minnows, stone loach, stickle backs and bullheads, I Have caught one small jack pike when spinning for chub but as yet no Zander have made there way up from the Avon. The river runs shallow with deep glides on most bends with good plant growth. It really is in pristine condition I am sure there are some big
  3. Hi The River arrow runs at the back of my property, between Coughton and Alcester. I believe the fishing rights are held by Throckmorton angling club. Does anyone know were I can join? I have surfed the net a few times and checked the local tackle shop in Alcester but no one seem to know. I was told the throckmorton arms pub was were I could get membership but the landlord said not since he has been there. I’m at a bit of a loss, as it is a 5 min walk from my back garden I would love to fish the stretch. Currently I have been fishing Alcester town water but I want a change as I think I
  4. I have caught these fish in Sweden, on a down rigger, the Swedish call them Rodding (not sure of the swedish spelling) I can confirm that they taste fantastic.
  5. I am an all round angler fishing many styles and targeting many types of fish. I have to say that the best feeling of all is hanging some buzzers out on a fly line on a large reservoir, and feeling the trout take. It gets me every time, the power, the anticipation the rod nearly being pulled out of my hand, the fight, it has to be the best feeling in angling, you are so directly in contact with the fish right from the take, breath taking. I recommend to anyone that has not tried fly-fishing to give this ago, you will be converted. I came to fly-fishing 20 years after I started fishing and
  6. Hi I lived in Great Baddow for 2 years and fished the chelmer mainly for tench. On one occasion in the middle of January I decided to fish paper mill lock for pike, as I had seen one caught there in the summer. I went with smelts and float tackle. Firstly I set up by the bridge; there is a small stream that runs in on the far bank and some deep water just in frount of the stream. I caught first cast an 18lb pike, followed with in the next 2 hours by 8 more ranging from 2lb to 8lbs. I then had a take and to my surprise landed a Chub just under 6lb! The swim went dead, I moved t
  7. My advice would be try touch ledgering Set up as the first poster described with a running set up. Cast to an area that you think is a likely spot. (You could use a swim feeder if you wish, but I prefer not to at this time of year. Depending on what fish are likely to be in front of you choose your hook size and bait, i.e. Small roach I would go with single maggot size 22 - 18 hook, Large roach Bread flake size 16-12 hook. Etc... Cast out and place the rod in one rod rest, place the handle in your lap (make sure you are sitting comfortably, tighten the line till you have a bend in your
  8. Theres plenty of Pike and Zander in the Avon at Stratford, Try Lucy's Mill in Strtaford on Avon, it about £3.50 day ticket (if anyone comes to collect it), dead baits between the Weirs on the corners for Pike or near the bridge the other end, or find the deeper water midriver for the Z,s. Lure fishing can be good, when the river has fined down a bit, best time of year as many of the snags are washed out (dont fish lures to close to the weirs as there are a lot of snags unless your prepared to lose a few)
  9. Hi John I have still had good days on the lake, I was last there last season and had 8 pike in one sestion the biggest being 12 lb, I should have pointed out that the jetty is no loner there only the Iron work. cheers Rihcard
  10. Hi First time poster. I have fished Kingsbury for Pike and have found it hard going. Why not jump down the M42 A few Junctions and try Earlswood lakes. This is a BW day ticket venue. It is mainly Carp and Bream fishing but the pike fishing is fantastic (hardly anyone fishes there for pike.) Fish in the windmill pool, there is an old Jetty by the front wall, fish parallel to this as there is an old sunken wall about 5 meters out witch the pike tend to sit., Lure fishing with big spoons or deep diving Plugs. Also dead baits on a sliding float work well. (Do not fish here on the botto
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