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  1. Dunno mate, not gotten out for a few weeks wot with work and the bloody kids
  2. many happy returns Roryh, you youngster. regards barry

  3. i've heard people extolling 3lb bass as had to edit this as the phrase has been used recently that a fish of this size was "huge"
  4. thats the bit (above) i was working from Barry, ( know its a bit old but as you can understand i've been a bit busy lately).
  5. i have to agree Barry, a thought though, if British merchants are buying undersized bass (by our standards)from french sources then surely the answer to levelling the playing field and giving both sides of this (rsa and commercial) common ground is to ban the RETAIL of these fish, therefore removing any incentive to buy the fish and reducing the incentive for catching them as a market is then removed. Any thoughts Barry? Wurzell?
  6. some of them must have been approaching 48hrs since being handled then, any sign of handprints/ skin damage by then? just set myself up with some fly gear for mackeral and bass, gotta be more of a challenge than feathering (and more fun) no mch chance of overcatch here any more
  7. Fair play mate will avoid touching the non-keepers as much as possible then just to be on the safe side.
  8. Just how hard are these fish hooked? i've never yet seen a hand print on a fish i've returned, and by the way what i'm not going to eat or use as bait goes straight back. Is this all a bit of an old wives tale? (admittedly i do often use an old bar towel when i'm unhooking to avoid slime when handling kit/tying etc)
  9. ....Word.... Cheers sounds like a plan Barry just let me know the sp and i'll see when i'm working etc. Found the whiskey shop btw, you wouldnt believe i've been driving past it 8 times a day for the last year would you?
  10. cheers nick, Done that a bit back & you're right he's a bit busy isnt he!
  11. Where did you hear about it? and how did you come to be filling it in? I for one have only just discovered this 'e-fishing' malarky and to be honest, regrettably spend far more time at this than real fishing!
  12. All very interesting but as the average bloke with a familly a job and fishing as a hobby, i cant understand who has the time, money, or opportunity to attend all the necessary meetings! So if we have people who can represent us ...even if imperfectly.. then surely it is better than no reresentation at all??
  13. appologies for any offence caused, merely trying to make a point (possibly a bit too strongly) correct
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