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  1. It's apparently all in the data stamped on the tyre wall. http://www.yourdriving.co.uk/tips/19/how-t...your-tyre-wall/
  2. Thanks a lot, will have a look at that.
  3. And will get harder! Because it is "alcoholic!"you need a drinks licence to sell it! You couldn't make it up!
  4. Thanks all for the help, I sort of managed it myself, by luck and perseverance!!!!!
  5. I did make the size smaller on the scren, but it appears to have no effect on the file size.
  6. Yes I know I'm an idiot, but how do I reduce file size of photos, to send them to various places. Have got them to JPEG but that's too big. How do I change them to a smaller format? Is there a way of doing it easily?
  7. As far as I know, only Volvo had this system, it was absolute genius. The handbrake pads were only used for parking really.
  8. Worked for me. I wonder if you are having my problem. I only got back onto AN today, after seeing on another forum that changing DNS Settings were causing problems with specific sites. Having checked mine it appeared that it had been modified from the default setting. Bear in mind that all of this is akin to advanced particle physics to me, so one of the various technical geniuses who live here may explain these things clearly!!!
  9. Shaky ground, Newt! We can now see NASCAR over here, and that makes watching paint dry look like a whiteknuckle ride!
  10. Morning comes and the pain has lessened somewhat, and I ask myself how can I ever replace her? And then I look outside at the LDV 3.5Tonne short wheelbase diesel panel van with ladder racks, beacons, and loads of goodies from when the Royal Mail had it and I think :- It's still saying goodbye to your first Transit though, so please be gentle with me in these difficult times.
  11. I'm sorry, I can't continue, I'll come back later, it;s still too painful.
  12. Come on Judy, I thought better of you. Perhaps you have have never had your heart broken in this way.
  13. I'm struggling to type through the tears, I have just had to say goodbye to my true love. We have been together for years, she didn't have the sexiest body, she wasn't in the first flush of youth, and you wouldn't be inclined to call her pretty. However I loved her with a fervour, she never let me down, carried me through all kinds of adversities, and was always ready for anything. Many of my friends used to wonder why I stayed with her, they didn't know what I saw in her. When my wife found out about her it nearly ended our marriage! I had to tell her I couldn't live without her, and she was
  14. Having had all sorts, the Dearly Beloved would never have a Dyson, and we would only ever buy a Sebo Excellent machines!
  15. One simple solution I have seen suggested is to drop your spool into a bucket of water to spool up.
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