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  1. Hi Ken, You have been in the wars and it's scaring me witless..... I have had a quadruple bypass after stents having been fitted previously, and now face the prospect of aortic valve replacement surgery. Oh, yeah, I'm not sure which will happen first - the heart surgery or cataract removals.
  2. I use Sensor and ProGold. I started out using Sensor and it has served me well for 20 years. However, I was given a reel of ProGold and found it quite supple and less visible - I think it may be a fluoro line, which would explain it. Either way, I'd recommend either, quite happily.
  3. I use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, but I do keep popping on here as it was my first venture into social media of any sort. It's nice to see people like Newt, Chesters, vagabond, etc still thriving.
  4. All I can say is 'I've missed this kind of banter! I can't believe I laughed out loud rather than groaned at the Godawful pun! Kudos, Ayjay
  5. I will be there, come hell or high water. It's been too long. Far too long.
  6. Not as active as I was, but whilst I move and breathe, I will fish

  7. I found this as a thread started by Robert LLewellyn on Google+ : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hookpod/hookpod-saving-the-albatross-from-extinction
  8. I was talking to Den Darkin (Poledark) as while ago about Danny Fairbrass. Den taught me, without realising it, that keeping things simple as a non-specialist angler is just as successful as complicating things. It struck me, having watched him do a presentation at the NEC, and some of his Tackle Guru programmes, that his whole schtick revolves around getting as much Korda stuff between you and the fish as possible. At the risk of sounding like a terminal (pun intended) snob, it's his voice as much as what he says that irritates me.
  9. Just a thought... this was written over a hundred years ago: Oh, it's in the evening after dark That the blackleg miner goes to work With his moleskin pants and dirty shirt There goes the blackleg miner Oh, he takes his pick and down he goes, To hew the coal that lies below There's not a woman in this town row Would look at the blackleg miner Oh, it's in the evening after dark That the blackleg miner goes to work With his moleskin pants and dirty shirt There goes the blackleg miner Oh, Delaval is a terrible place They rub wet clay in the blackleg's face Around the pit they run a footrac
  10. Alan Stubbs

    Fish in

    I'll go anywhere - if I can get the time off from work. It's be great to see everyone again. My fierst AN fish-in was Stoney's MacMillan Nurses do ay Yateley, and I've been to Wingham twice. Each one has been brilliant.
  11. I have a Grandeslam 4 season bag. It's large, vey warm - but I'd still put a shroud over it to prevent damp from condensation. I paid £28 for it 6 years ago, and it has had very heavy use.... When I was recovering from heart surgery, I had to sleep in it for 4 weeks, as I was unable to get upstairs. Totally recommended.
  12. I don't soak line overnight, but I do spool up with the line in water.
  13. Cheers Phone.... This is one of the few permissible 'wild camping' places is the UK, and the idea is to catch our meals. There is a good head of brown trout, although I believe they're stockies rather than wildies. The only lure fishing I've done is in Cambridge, with an occasional poster, with a regular poster and good mate, Adam 247 and one afternoon with Steve Burke and the late and much missed Gerry Castles, (aka Argyll). I lost a decent pike with Steve and Gerry, but that was as near as I got to a catch. I've asked about crayfish, and it's unlikely they've invaded the reservoir,
  14. I've caught roach on glace cherry, and jack pike on a tutti frutti boilie.
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