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  1. I like watching him on telly,but it annoys me when he grabs his guests catches and poses for the camera .
  2. I can remember these things when I was a kid,I did'nt realise they ere still available to buy
  3. one of our club members went fishing on a fairly remote river without telling his wife where,and he fell in and smashed his head on a rock,he did manage to drag himself out,and in a dazed condition with blood gushing from a four inch wound he strolled across a field and found a farm,where the farmers wife rang him an ambulance,now I'm thinking this could have ended up a lot worse if there was no farm near by because he hadn't told anybody where he had gone,how many times have any of you gone out fishing without telling anybody where abouts ?
  4. they're £13.95 from am*z*n free postage.
  5. I think most people see the world this way,its just that the few people that don't,are the ones that are running it.
  6. my mate bought a fox dvd on rigs,it sounds the same as what you might have seen,he paid £9.99,I watched them all for free on youtube
  7. I caught one on sunday that must've been 12 lb
  8. I used to fish at the bottom of these fields by mistake,(thinking it was owned by bradford no1 angling club)until I was escorted off by the farmer who rents the fields,he told "there's no fishing on any national trust property and you're lucky not to be prosecuted".There used to be some nice big grayling down that stretch and the odd pike in the deeper stretch,but there are quite a few cormorants and gooseander as well,it would be interesting to know how much it will be to join this angling club,if you have a national trust members card will you be able to fish it without joining the club?
  9. Its old news now,people turning up in vans and netting rivers to take food for the pot,it doesn't look like owt will ever get done to stop this kind of theft,so we will carry on paying for our rod licence while they just carry on poaching for free,I notice the article doesn't mention what nationality they are.This country has bcome a joke and the people who run it need a good kick up the arse.
  10. I have seen this bit of land many times and often wondered what it was being used for.
  11. I got one,and it runs really smooth,I also have tfg xpin and they are slightly different,still good value for £30.
  12. I'll be moveing my beehives while the bees are inactive during this cold spell,might try a couple of hours sunday but with 4inch of snow already and more snow forecast its not looking ideal.
  13. I have been asked 4 times in the last 2 years by the same EA bailliff.
  14. I'd like to catch a zander,but there arn't any in my area.
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