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  1. I think there is an area where you are allowed to bait fish from, but like you say, maybe by using a bigger fly one could be tempted!
  2. Does anybody on here fish Stithians at all? Just wondered if there is any evidence of pike in there?
  3. I always hear that trout waters are good for pike. Does anyone know if there are any pike in Stithians? I know it is mostly trout in there, plus some other coarse species, but what about pike? Do any of the fly fishers get bothered by them?
  4. There are apparently some good fish in Argal, but there are lots of jacks. Lyn - was it Porth that had pike to 30lb in or another water all together. Someone else mentioned about Retallack to me, so I will get up there and have look. Would just like some other options to Argal, its the only place I seem to fish now!
  5. Does anybody know of waters that hold pike in Cornwall? I have been fishing Argal for a while now and would like to try some where else. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am planning a trip up in a couple of weeks and would appreciate ANY information! Any recent catch reports, tactics etc greatfully received! Thanks!
  7. I am planning on fishing here on friday, can anyone help????
  8. I want to head up later this week and try for a pike. Can any one advise me how to fish it? Thanks!
  9. Scatman


    It will be a pair of chesties that I purchase. Looks like I need to make the decision of neoprene or rubber. It is just the warmth issue that concerns me.
  10. Scatman


    Thanks Newt. Are you able to wear thermals/trousers underneath the neoprene waders? Will they do for summer and winter?
  11. Scatman


    Hi I am looking to get some waders. I have never purchased a pair before and don't know whether the neoprene would be a good option. Any advice appreciated!
  12. Thanks for all your replies on this. I have passed on the info to my mate and he is hoping to give it a go ASAP. As he has never fished a river before (and neither have I) he is a little unsure as to the best places to fish. Can anyone recommend anywhere along the river as a starting point? Thanks again.
  13. Hi, I am after some information for a mate who has recently moved up to Hadleigh. He has been telling me about this river that he has been walking along and has seen evidence of fishing along it. He would like to have a go himself but is unsure of how to get permission. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  14. We are not sure exactly yet. Sooner the better tho!! What about targetting skate from the shore? (Same for all the species I have mentioned). We thought the rib might be useful for drfting a wreck or two, or for the tope etc.
  15. Thanks for that, but we have looked at various websites prior to our trip a couple of years ago. As I said, info for the Tarbet area, Lochaline and so on would be appreciated. (The marks I have mentioned I have only seen mentioned briefly so would appraciate more info on these marks and others if poss).
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