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  1. I'm with you on the moving water and float fishing! You won't ever get bored because you will be busy all of the time: 1: Throw out the float 2: shoot out some hemp/castors/maggots 3: mend the line 4: feed the line 5: wait for the float to dip under That is a lot more exciting than leggering...
  2. Hey there I'm planning a fishing trip to BC (Canada) and hoping that some of you might be able to give me some tips on where to go. What I would love to do is catching salmon on the fly in one of their lovely rivers. Which are the best rivers to go? This is part of a year around-the-world trip for me so I will be on a budget. I will be arriving in BC sometime in the beginning of August. I would appreciate any help regarding rivers, where to stay, fishing tips, etc. Thanks!
  3. hpint


    Hey John You can find a lot of help and tips on the internet regarding how to tie pole rigs. I would suggest you find a canal somewhere in London (I'm sure there would be one near you) and start fishing there. You would be amazed by the amount of people that would stop and ask questions or either give advise. Otherwise go for a walk (or cycle) on a weekend next to the canal and you will quickly find some anglers who will love to help you out. Ask them lots of questions, most anglers are very friendly and would love to give you advise. I live in London and have done lots of fishing of v
  4. Just thought I'd keep you all updated...I just bought my rod this morning and I ended up going for the Shimano Exage 7ft BX STC. This is a lovely lightweight rod and it comes with a carry tube which is about 50mm diameter and about 600mm long which will be ideal for travelling. The casting weight of this rod is 10 to 30 grams. When I did the "pull" test I really gave it some beef and this rod just keep on bending! The rod also gives a nice smooth through action so I can definately recommend it. I also looked at the 8ft rod and it is also a lovely rod. The carry case of slightly longer but
  5. You have my full attention on your travel rod! I'll do some homework on that rod. I spoke to a Daiwa agent last week and he didn't mention that particular rod. Who knows, maybe it's been discontinued? I'll let you know what I find out, thanks! PS: That is one seriously disturbing profile picture lol!
  6. It does seem that there are a few travel rods out there. Have a look at these: http://www.etpredatortackle.co.uk/search_r...p?section=17290 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Shimano-beastmaster-...=item2559e1df6a Have any of you fished with the Shimano Exage spinning rods? I'm quite interested in them as they fold into either 4 or 5 pieces and they seem to tick all the boxes I'm after.
  7. Thx for all the replies so far! @KenL: I'm not familiar with the rok-max make...do you know of any shops that store them in London? I don't want to buy something that I havnt felt before @Jeepster: I think the rod that you've got might be Daiwa Wilderness 9ft travel rod? @JV44: I had a quick look at that link. The rod seems to have a very nice action but again it seems like they only come in 9ft. Do you know if they do them in either 7 or 8ft 3 or 4 piece? I really don't want to go longer than 8ft. Have any of you ever fished with a ET rod before? I know The Friendly Fisherman
  8. Hey! I'm looking for a good quality spinning travel rod that I want to take along for my travels. I looking for a medium spinning rod for catching mainly pike and zander. I've got a Daiwa Exceller Pro 3000 fixed spool reel (with 30lb braid) that I will be using with the spinning rod. The rod needs to be able to fold up in either 3, 4 or 5 pieces (ideally 3 piece) so that it is compact and so that I can either strap it to the side of my backpack or put is inside a suitcase or for taking it on a plane as hand luggage. I've fished before with a Daiwa Exceller 7ft spinning rod (2 piece) a
  9. Hey Greg and OT Thank you very much for the replies. I think you've actually nailed it on the head! The line that I usually use for my leader is 6lb Snowbee Magic line. This is a non-tapered leader and very thin and soft therefore must have been causing the tangles. I never actually thought about using a stiffer line before and used to think that the X represent the amount of flies you could tie on those manufactured tapered leaders... So by using a 6wt line on my 6wt rod with an stiffer, tapered leader (calculated by OT's unconfusing-straight-forward-user-friendly formula) and small
  10. Hey! I've only been fly fishing on and off for about a year now. Really enjoying it and still learning all the trade secrets as I go along. I've always fished from the bank but recently hired a boat for the day to give it a go. I fished at Hanningfield reserviour my last fishing trip and was lucky enough to catch 5 fish that day. My tackle outfit is a 9'6 Orvis 6 weight rod with a 5 weight WF floating line. The way I try and fish is with say for example a goldhead green damsel (or orange blob) at the bottom and 2 or 3 buzzers on the top. That way I can let the leader sink and cover a w
  11. I've been doing some research on good reels for popping for GT's from a boat. The recommended reels so far is the Shimano Stella and Daiwa Saltiga. Both reels are really expensive and in the £500/600 plus region. I'm more of a freshwater fisherman and won't be doing this sort of fishing often therefore a bit hessitant to splash out that amount of money for a reel. Are there any other good value for money reels for this type of fishing or should I resort to beans on toast for this month and just buy one of these reels?
  12. Hey guys I finally got some more information regarding the venue and fishing. The place where I'll be fishing is located on a "spear head" on the Mozambique coast where you have the sea in the front and a river/estuary at the back. The lighter tackle is recommended for catching the kingfish in the river (they avarage 4-10kg) and then heavier tackle for the sea casting poppers/spoons/lures up to 230grams (8oz) Now just to find a good shop to buy the tackle...
  13. Hey Tony Thanks for the reply and info. Much appreciated! I will have a look at the rod you suggested...
  14. Hey there I will be going on holiday to Mozambique for a fishing holiday and trying to do some research regarding tackle, fish, etc. We will be fishing off a boat and the species we are going to target will be king and queen macarel, kingfish, wahoo, pompano, bonito, couta, etc. Have any of you done this sort of fishing before? If so I would appreciate all info, especially concerning tackle. From what I've been told a 7/8 ft Daiwa Exceler rod with 2500 Daiwa Exceler reel is a good combo. The rod weights recommended between 28-80g (half oz to one and a half oz) but not sure if that is a bit
  15. Hey Tony Thanks for the reply and yeah I should have posted this on the sea section...dope! Anyway, we are going to have a boat so will be trying to fish for some big ones. Buying new tackle can be quite expensive so I want to be dead certain that I buy the right tools for the job. The lighter tackle was recommended by some friends but I think they might be a bit optimistic... From the suggestions you made regarding the tackle it sounds that you have fished Mozambique before?
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