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  1. Hey Simon I went to Ketchikan. Also known as the salmon capital of the world! Was hoping to catch some on the fly while they were coming up the rivers to come and spawn but I went a little bit early. Most of the salmon (chum, cohos, reds, silver) come during July and August. The good thing was that the Kings come earlier (June) and they are the biggest of the lot. I've tried to put my photos on another site. Hopefully this time the link will work. Here it is http://www.bugbitten.com/blogs/North_Ameri...shing_trip.html
  2. I've just been to Alaska on a 2 week holiday and had a great time! Got dropped off at a log cabin on a fjord in the woods via a floater plane and had a boat come around to drop off all my groceries and kayak with crab/prawn pots. Had a little sonar on the kayak and the prawn pots were set at 320ft of water and the crab pots at about 80ft. The prawn pots I had to reel up with a Shimano 20 2-speed reel with thick braid. Felt like forever to get it to the top but the rewards was well worth it! Too much prawns for 1 man to eat...Had to use some for crab bait. Also did loads of kayak fishing. No h
  3. Hey Dave Thanks for the slaving. Guess somebodys gotta do the job while the kids are out playing Have you got a date for the weekend you're coming to Hanningfield? I've got a girl visiting sometime end of August from Belgium + I'm also going up to Edinburgh second last weekend in August with some friends to see SA play Scotland in the rugby...There's a restaurant on the water next to Hanningfield where we can maybe have breakfast/lunch and maybe a quick pint Good luck if you're out fishing this weekend. I recently broke up with the missus so out on the town tonight. So thats definately
  4. Hey Dave glad to hear about the blank! Had a great time in Alaska. Caught a 34lb king salmon and a big ling cod from a kayak. Also fed small rock fish to the the eagles who come crashing down right next to you with their wings spread and talons out! Wow what an experienced. Saw a bear (too close for comfort) and came within about 15m of a wolf (I was also on the kayak and wolf on the shore). Caught crabs, prawns and red snapper, also from the kayak. Waaaaay too much for me to eat. Great time!!! Also saw whales, otters, minx, deer, ect. Definately going back one day! My email is lerouxcraven@ya
  5. Funny story and I think its sort of made up my mind not to go for the inflatable kaykak option...Obviosly thought about renting previously but its going to be quite expensive though especially if you can't even keep the kayak afterwards. Thanks for all the inputs though!
  6. I'm off to Alaska soon on a 2 week fishing holiday. Going to stay in a log cabin on a fjord. I saw on the net that one can get inflatable kayaks. Are they any good? Where can I buy one? How much do they weigh. Cost? Actual size and folded size? (Getting to the log cabin via a floater plane and have limited space in the plane) Can the kayak be used on both the sea and also on freshwater lakes/streams? I'm new to kayaking and would appreciate all info. Thanks
  7. Also try frozen pilchars (not only is it a good bait but its also cheap) . Use a running running lead with a sliding knot on the main line. I like to put the middle treble on the bottom and the top treble on the flank of the bait. Make up a small piece of wire with a clip-on swivel on the one end and a pop-up on the other. Then with a baiting needle pull the clip-on swivel through the mouth of the bait and clip onto your bottom treble. I have a bag of small white cableties in my box and use them to zip-tie the wire to the tail of the pilchard (they get soft quickly) to help secure the bait. Ad
  8. hpint

    Barbel fishing

    Hey Tigger Try by fishing a weighted cage feeder and take halibut pellets and crush them into a powder. Use the crushed (powdered) halibut pellets as groundbait and fish either a lump of luncheon meat or even better a large halibut pellet on the hook Good luck
  9. Hey Dave Thanks a mill. I'm really exited about the rod . I would like the handwritten writing on the rod and also all the info (lenth and weight) on the rod. 25 pound is what you pay for a day ticket these days! Gone are the good old days...I'll go onto the coarse/carp forum (my speciality) and chat on those to get my 15 posts. Then hopefully be able to send you a PM with my details... Cheers
  10. Just trying to get some more posts going to get my quote... It would be my pleasure to take you out to Hanningfield. Just keep me updated
  11. Hey Dave I really like the SLBAG insert so lets go for that one. The Reverse half Wells Bamboo Burl handle feels nice in my hand. (I'm 6ft and have got big hands) The handle feels comfy but if its not going to be practical for a 7wt rod then lets rather go for the other type. Cheers
  12. Hey Dave Thanks for the reply. I've just come back from Belgium and have new respect for their beers (some even 13%...). Havn't fished in about 2 weeks. Might go this weekend. OK I think I'm going to go for the 7wt rod in a 9ft6. The REC seat with the antler insert sounds good. Don't want to rush the rod so might be better to get it once I'm back from Alaska. I'm still below my limits to send you a PM so it might be easier if you send me one (Especially if we need to start to exchange contact details...Don't trust the net ) The dark green thread and gold trim is going to look good Hope
  13. Hey Sportsman Congrats on your new PB trout! That is a nice fish...Sorry for the late reply. I've got a hectic social life, especially now that its warming up. Too many friends to keep happy. Just a pitty about the morning after I had a think about the complete Ultra Legent fly rod. I know its got a life time warranty but its going to take all the fun out of choosing my own components. If green is cutting out options I wouldn't mind going for black. The SCIV does sound like a great blank though (or are there better blanks out there?). If a fast blank is going to give more distance and
  14. Hey Sportsman Thanks for the reply. Tried to send you a PM but an error occured and said that I'm not allowed to send you one. Don't want to bore the other forum readers with all the details of my new rod. But since there is no other way... Right here goes: Rod needs to be 9ft6 long. 7/8 Weight. Medium to tip action. Same colour as greys g-series (which looks black from a distance but close-up or in bright light it is a dark green). Handle I like is something like http://www.carrilon.co.uk/product_info.php...224ce9ac3395cf2 (just click on picture to enlarge). I like the cork to taper towar
  15. I've fished Rib Valley quite a few times. Good spot is in the stretch closest to the club house and on the wooden walkway. That bit is only about 3m deep but the new fish gets released into that section and tend to stay there. Most are between 2lb and 4lb. So if you want action, that is the place to be...There are some deeper areas around the other side of the lake where you might catch some bigger fish but you will prop catch less.They have a map in the tackle shop that gives you the depths of the lake. I've always caught on cats whiskers and orange blob. Fished there on Sunday and black and
  16. Hey Sportsman that is some serious fishing! Well done. (Rubbing salt in wounds more like it...) Recently started tying flies and finally caught a trout on my own montana. Just makes it sooo much more satisfying. Been out a few times around London area (Rib Valley and Hanningfield) and have always caught a few (not nearly as many as you though...) The Greys Rod I bought is OK but I would still like to get a nicer rod. Is your offer still standing? It might be easier if you emial me at lerouxcraven@yahoo.co.uk. Just to let me know how to order to the blanks and accessories, ect. Thanks again
  17. hpint

    New Fly rod

    Hey sportsman thanks for all the info and the generious offer! I will definately take you up on it in the future. With it being Easter and with such lovely weather I was forced to buy a rod to do some fishing. The rod I bought in the end is the Greys G series 9ft6 7/8wt. Caught 2 trout today and I'm happy with the rod. Think it is a good value for money rod. Forgot my sunblock today so I'm as red as a boiled lobster...Tomorrow I'm going to give Hanningfield Reserviour a try. Tight lines to you and all the other anglers!
  18. hpint

    New Fly rod

    Thanks for all the replies guys!!! It narrowed it down to G. Loomis, Reddingtons, Greys and Fullingmill...Still leaving me a bit confused though What makes the difference between a ie Shakespear rod and a Sage rod. Does it really make that much of a difference in bait presentasion and distance? I've been told that most blanks come from the east anayway and that many brand names are actually the same blank with just different finishes. I wouldn't mind spending a little extra on a decent rod but the gap between a 80 pound rod and a 800 pound rod is massive. Is such an expensive rod really wort
  19. Hey guys I'm off to Alaska on a 2 week fishing trip in June. 1st week sea kayak fishing for halibut, ling cod, salmon, ect. The second week I've got a log cabin booked for the week that I'm getting to via a floater plane. Species of fish (freshwater) is salmon, pike, trout and dolly vardon. I've never caught a dolly varden before and just wondering if any of you have ever fished for them before and what tackle/flies/techniques to use
  20. hpint

    New Fly rod

    Hey Greg thanks for the input. I've been working 7days a week so havn't been out fishing lately. Still reading up on reviews and still to decide on a rod. Think I might go for the G-series for a 5/6 rod for the smaller lakes and rivers and then get another rod for big reserviours. Have you ever fished with a G Loomis rod or Lureflash Viper (another angler recommended this rod)
  21. hpint

    New Fly rod

    I recently broke my fly rod and need to get a new one. I'm new to fly fising (use to do match fishing) and finding it a bit difficult to choose a new rod. The previous rod was a shakespear oracle 6/7wt and 9ft. Not a bad rod but sometimes a bit soft when casting intermediates and sinking lines. I'm not willing to pay hundreds of pounds just for a rod so looking for a good value for money rod. (Will pay up to 150 max) I'm 6 ft tall. I'm looking for prob a 7/8wt rod 9, 9ft6 or 10ft rod that I can use in large stillwaters and also for Hanningfield Reserviour where I need to get some distance. I w
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