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    The reason 'the D3100 wont focus all lenses' is simply that Nikon have moved to focus motors in the lens at the budget end of the market. It no problem for most people, and IMHO, the new lens motor/setup works extremely well. However, the longer lenses as has been stated are not budget, so D90 is about as low as you can go . . . to accommodate both styles of Nikon lens.


    A D90 with a general purpose 18-105mm lens looks like will set you back about £660'ish?


    The other route suggested is a Bridge camera, lens up to X30!!! . . . trouble is the overall quality is compromised, this is 'as in ultimate quality' . . . you may be happy with how it performs. But as with any long lens, you will not be able to hold it still enough, even with 'stabilisation', answer, a tripod ad £50 to your budget.


    D3100 is a excellent camera, but the eventual long lenses will cost . . . as will the same long lenses you will want for a D90 . . . the point is, the D90 might give a little more flexibility in the used market, motorised lenses are still quite new as 'Nikon fit'.


    Hop this helps to put some focus on the subject? :rolleyes:



  2. Watched Robson Green (loud mouthed git!) doing it 'Extreme Fishing' on the box the other night . . . 'Single handed' rod, large reel, but nothing out of the ordinary . . . other than the 120lb shark he hooked into!!! :crazy:



  3. Cliff,

    My Minolta has the flip out screen as you say shots from the waist are less obtrusive. I recently [sept. last] bought a D90 perhaps I should have hung on and bought a Canon 60D which has a flip out screen, as the D90 is very obvious to all and sundry!


    Love the Squirrel!! In fact all those shots are colourful and bright!! Well done.



    Hi Colin, yes the more I consider it, the more I think a waist level VF is the way to go for 'Street Work' . . . the slightly lower angle will often produce a more interesting picture as well, not sure about the 60D though?? :angry: Think about it . . . The DSLR is a big beast, very . . . 'look at me, I have a fancy camera' (some love it of course), same as 'big and fancy fast cars' . . . B) Cynical . . . I'm going to get into trouble . . . :rolleyes:


    We will all be hunting around after old Rolleiflex type cameras :lol:



  4. Fascinating . . . I have tried a bit of 'street' myself . . . felt very self conscious/uncomfortable. However, I was fiddling the other day with my G1 using the fold out screen at waist level as a VF, it felt so comfortable. The video showed Vivian Maier with an old waist type VF Rolflex camera . . . I wonder if a waist type setup might get over the self conscious/hostile reactions of a lot of street photography today. Thinking about it, it simple feels like a much more benign way to go about taking pictures?



  5. very very nice SW, the squirrel is a stand out in an excellent set.


    Thanks for your comment Clifftop, Squirrel and Dove were both taken with the G1 + Panasonics 45-200mm lens, the other three were G1 + 14-45. The 200mm lens I am having to get used to . . . it has its foibles as does the G1! . . . but get it right and nice shots can be produced. All part of my new health regime . . . to go out on the bike with out a universal coverage in focal length seems a wast?


    I have managed to get G1, 14-45mm, 45-200mm into a KATA Mini bag 7"w x 4.5"d x 7"h. this then fits comfortably in a handle bar bag. Can't get the D90 to fit with a long lens, however the new Tamron MKII 18-270mm PZD, looks like it might do the trick. Same size as the 18-70mm almost 100grs lighter and the IQ issues of the MkI appear to have been addressed? Need the price to come down a bit first though :huh: In the meantime, get on with enjoying my bike fitness plan and the new 'freedom' in picture taking . . . :lol:



  6. Its been so long since I posted on here, my appologies ;)


    A few recent pictures:












    Kit has seen a bit of massaging, most are now take with a standard walk about lens, an 18-70 on the D90 or a 14-45 on a Panasonic G1. I favour the G1, as it is small, light, has an animated screen and sits in my 'man bag' 24/7! New regime will start in the spring, 'Have new bike, Camera will travel', loose weight, get fit, whilst indulging in my pleasure of taking photos, amazing how practical a bike is, get in all those inaccessible places . . . ;)





  7. Hmmm. don't know that I'm brave enough to try one of those yet.....I've only recently got into carbon boat rods!


    A couple of the Grauvell multi tip rods interested me, the Etna 270 and the Rhodas but can't find out much techy info.



    When Grauvell MT's first hit these shores they certainly set tongues waging, I seem to remember some of the England Internationals used them to good effect???? Being a French design, and the French seem to like FS reels . . . ??? Mind you, being French dont say to much . . . 'they eat snails and frogs legs'!!!! :g:;)


    I admit to liking light multi tip rods, I have a Ron Thompson Kamikaze, brilliant light bassing rod, although it is a trigger grip design that I use with a tiny bait casting multiplier in the river and an Abu 6500 Rocket at sea.



  8. Its a good job the tackle industry does not rely on me for a profit. I think about it a lot . . . but have not bought anything significant tackle wise in 5 years . . . I seem to spend about £50-£75 each year on restocking hooks, line and trace/end tackle material, I have a bucket full of leads that are ???? years old.


    In the summer I buy half a pound of rag per river bass sortie, winter fishing is almost exclusively with wholesale bought unwashed squid as bait . . . Hay I bought 25 lugworm last time out this winter :P . . . . and my boat costs me around £2000 per annum to moor, fuel and maintain :huh:


  9. i bought a second hand HP C5180 and even with refilled carts it gives great prints ,it knows youve been refilling but lets you print without the benefit of seeing the levels of ink.

    I used to be an epson devotee since they had needles (my LX 800 did lots of work) but as noted you threw away a perfectly good printer when the heads blocked up in our central heated conditions we now live in.

    trouble with Kodac is like old you pay highly for a printer to get cheaper carts there is no middle ground where profits are in mind ;)


    reminds me of an agfa printer i got from the UNI skip ,first inkjet i ever saw .three inks (wow) and an unusual cleaning cart.This cleaning cart cost the earth to buy but i managed to get a COSH sheet from the states and the very expensive ingredients were ........Water with a small amount of acid to make it conductive enough to register on the electrodes in it when it ran out.

    it was refilled with distilled water with a trace of white vinegar in it and printed fine :rolleyes:


    Kodak 3250 seems to be around £60??? Other makes are a similar price . . . However, inks vary from £30 a set to, I have heard, £45-£50 :o Kodak, bless their heart have grasped the nettle at £19 for a colour set, and the Kodak ink is supposed to be 'archive 100 year life'? However, how long the printer itself will last, thats another story. Its built to a budget, (like most things these days <_< ) if I get 3 years . . . thats apparently the average life of printers across the board. My last printer, an expensive HP all in one, inks; £36 a colour set. Cost me £120, still only lasted 3 years!!! . . . cheap and careful from now on, with special prints sent to the professionals.


    I have to say, I suffered Epsoms until the HP, which from the point of ink blockages, it did not happen, ever! However,I always struggled with the HP printer set up menu, not user friendly IMHO. The Kodak from the menu point of view is spot on, looks remarkably similar to the old Epsom menu which I liked . . . any way, I'm a happy bunny . . . :thumbs:



  10. Already have an Epson Printer / Scanner.


    This would be for my 15 year old daughter, needs to be compact for bedroom location.


    Have just spoilt her with a new Panasonic Lumix G10, would be nice as a christmas present.

    Purly for photo printing.





    Well if its for your 15 year old daughter, cost per print may be an issue?


    So see here, see video:


    Makes one think . . . ? :camera: At £19 per cartridge set = 52p per (A4?) print compared with . . . I think it was around £1.30 for the second best buy :wallbash:


    A 'no brainer' in my book, I suspect you will be buying the ink? . . . B) Also, the Epson printer is not so compact with the paper feed high on the back?, this was also an issue for me.




    PS, if you want Wi-Fi connection, you need the next model up in the range. 'Staples' did me an excelent deal, matched on line prices to . . . !

  11. Epson for me :rolleyes:





    . . . Have Epsom overcome the ink jet blocking problem they always used to suffer from? If you did not print every couple of days, the ink dried in the jets, it took for ever to clean them and used a whole load of 'valuable ink' in the process . . . :g: Epsom dont seem to get the rave reviews these days either, they are always there or there abouts, but, it seems to me, Canon take the honours???


    I've recently bought the Kodak ESP3250 all in one printer, ink is half the price, quality is very good IMHO, set up was a near perfect match to what I had on screen. However, I only consider home printers practical for; web printout, proofing, A4 prints, scanning and photocopying, if you want 'proper prints', of a decent size, then, it seems consensus is; best and cheapest to use an on line printing house. Noticed the other day, 'SnapShop' in the high street were offering some super deals?



  12. Are you after a charter boat or shore fishing?


    If looking for a charter there are a few decent ones operating out of Levington marina.

    Have a look on world sea anglings site (when its working :rolleyes: ) under forums East coast.



    Mmm, looks like its still a bit early for the cod, Rod Markhams boat 'Tracy Jane' was reporting whiting, roka, doggies, small hounds and tope a couple of weekends back. There are some cod but they are on the more distant wrecks, making the boat fees expensive, an od one or two closer in, but its a lottery. A few roker, along with the od cod, to a couple of very lucky boats :huh: Some small bass within striking distance, if you know where and can take advantage of the weather. Seems at the moment the weather gods are playing 'silly-buggers', with widows only in the week :wallbash:


    Bad time of year, SW

  13. Went out with mate Colin last weekend, on a 24hour deep water sea bass hunt in the North sea. A 53ft sailing ketch is a very comfortable boat to be on, if a little frustrating on the fishing front, all the rigging and its 7ft to the water line!!! However, where there is a will there is a way:


    Friday night around 9pm, on the way out, Felistowe dock cranes on the left horizon, about 3 miles:




    We were heading 35 miles off shore . . arrived around midnight, put the anchor down grab a few hours kip, up at 4.30am, feather some live sand eel for bait, we had a great day:




    These bass were about 3-4lbs, we boated fish to 7lbs.



  14. I want to treat myself for a BIG birthday present ,I love my panasonic but find its a bit big to fit into handbag! and would like a smaller one that still is going to take smashing pictures any advice please I like both of these but cannot make my mind up.


    this one



    or this one



    my first was a sony


    Hi Judy, long-time no speak? I've not been around much recently either. I trust you are well?


    So your question, basic answer . . . get a bigger handbag . . . :P well you did ask . . . ouch!!! :rolleyes:


    . . . I have looked at the two camera specs in the links . . . Initially I liked the Powershot's stabilised x14 lens . . . compared with the Panasonics x12 unstabilised offering, personally I dont see any point in GPS?


    However, I then looked at the 'sample picture' pages . . . O'dear, the Powershot just did not do it, my feeling was 'lifeless', one or two were OK but they were strong subjects any way. The Panasonic on the other hand, had me 'wanting to see the next one'. Now this may be a function of the menu set up? . . . we are talking compact here :unsure: so, I doubt it, the comment in the 'link text' also picked up on poor picture quality.


    Panasonic have carved themselves a good reputation in the world of compacts . . . as a PowerShot user, now very old (camera and user :rolleyes: ) I think I would jump ship with the DMC-ZS7, finaly a personal choice of course.




    PS, If you have not read it, you might have a wade thought this little lot :o Jump to the 'conclusions page' its easier:


  15. How does the Mono-pod marry up to the drop down LCD screen?? That's something that put me off getting the D5000 as I'm sure the pod gets in the way of the screen should you wish to use it.

    Why didn't Nikon make the LCD to flip out sideways?


    Yes Colin, I thought about it for a while . . . then looked a bit . . . I have gone away from the 'Joby' ball head. Originally I was looking at the Panosonic G1, a little extra weight in the D5000, so I had a search, came up with the 'Kood BH-02B' its light in weight, rated at 2kg support, the removable plate is cast, rather than the plastic Joby, and its an excellent fixing/safe release mechanism. Bonus!!! the plate is the same both sides, so want to use the flappy screen, turn tripod/monopod round, click! job done no interference, problem solved. OK you cant see the spirit level and the release catch is forward, but still totally accessible.







    Cannot answer the 'why not side sideways', other than looking at the destruction book, they see the screen used in a similar fashon to large format, Hasselblad type cameras? Be that a it may, I am getting very used to it, like it a lot!


    Kood ball heads available from, Premier Ink, at about £25 inc:




  16. Here we go, taken at the end of a long working day for me, nearly 400 miles round trip to Southampton. But my new back to basics 'Have bag will travel' system, complete with Nikon D5000, camera by my side 24/7! meant I was able to catch this sunset on the last knockings, a few miles from home after dropping my pasengers off





  17. Took this today using a recently bought polarizing filter.


    Nice colours & detail in those shots Sutton Warrior !




    I would have been proud to have taken this one Rich, nice one :thumbs:



  18. when i took this picture about 3 weeks ago it was during all the hype about the volcanic ash so im wondering if that had anything to do with this sunset, the picture here does not give it the justice it deserves


    with my eye the sun was the most intense blood red but camera never picked that up sadly so i guess im really here to ask why it didnt and how can i correct it in the future.


    Looking at the Exif information: Shutter: 1/60th, Aperture: F3.5, Program: Creative, ISO: 200


    Shutter to slow, aperture to big and program should be manual or 'Auto P' with an EV+ option, this allows the aperture to be over-ridden. I suspect creative is 'Manual'? in which case stop down a notch at least, then shoot the pic, open the aperture half a notch, then same again, another half a a notch . . . it is trial and error, then choose the best one on the computer.


    Under expose is better than over expose, you loose detail with O/E, slight U/E will allow some leeway to draw the picture out.



  19. How about these for a couple of grabbed pictures, in London today, sitting at traffic lights, trying out the new camera, and bag arrangement:


    Wheres my sun glasses . . .



    Reality of life . . .




  20. Nothing has changed this end, so it may be related to your browser upgrade.



    I thought that to Elton, so I went back to the 'system restore point' that I set up before I upgraded. That did not help, by the way, IEv.8 is a big improvement, much faster . . . B)



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