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  1. Time team? isn't that the program they keep digging up Tony Robinson??? 'SuttonW'
  2. Hi Seadee, madder the better eh? Been around for a while on the side lines watching the shenanigans As I say I'm Sutton Hoe way, an 'in comer' from London home counties, looking for an easy life?? Mistake number one But the sea is close by. Do a bit on a couple of local charter boats and have a friend with an 18ft boat on the Orwell, all good fun. 'SuttonW'
  3. Ken Davison, Thanks for the welcome. The name is derived from the Anglia regions 'Sutton Hoe', a well know Viking warrior burial sight. 'Sutton W'
  4. Hi all, another one new to the forum. I'm based East Anglia, mainly boat fishing. Sutton Warrior
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