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  1. Sitting here listening to the Ashes Test at Lords, aren't they doing well . . . Discovered I could listen on the computer, whilst I fiddle on any other program . . . Dug around in my folders, found this original: '8am and 4 degrees . . . ' taken February 2007, Canon S50 compact This is my 'tickle up' of that original, no inspiration of an old artist, like the way the early sun and frost comes through . . . ? Sitting here, wondering as the weather improves, do I get an evening in on the local gravel pit . . . ??? some new stock been put in this week. Tough life ain't it .
  2. Thanks Steve, a good idea. Puts a new dimention into the subject search? SW
  3. I was at a new venue the other day, water lilies, moorhens, reflections, trees, a mature small gravel pit. Took a few pics, posted a couple in the comp. As I looked at one, the name Monet came to mind and his Water Lilly painting. Googled and it turns out he did a lot of Water Lilly paintings, they are very relaxing to my eye. No artist me, but I thought I'd have a fiddle in 'Elements v.7' see what I could come up with . . . Its no Monet, but I find the concept interesting for future investigation? As one wanders about looking for photos that could be tickled a little to remind
  4. Hay Janet, things are different these days, happy to 'bin the net', I agree with you. 16-20 was . . . is my normal choice of barbless spade hook, got this dinky little hook tier, and yes the cameras in the pocket . . . no DSLR on these trips. The kit looks worse than it is, box and rod holdall serves my needs, 50-100yds walk from the car, what dont go in the box dont go. SW
  5. Funny you should say that that Janet . . . Here we go, all sorted this evening after work, some of my most recent tackle, had to dig around a bit in the shed, not sure where some of the really old tackle is, in the loft may be? But this is as it used to be up untill 1995, thats the last time this lot saw the light of day, found my old 'Berkhampsted Fishing Club' ticket for that year, along with my daughters Juniour card, she was 10 All of the above would have not be purchased after 1991/92'ish . . . it surprised me how up to date it looks to my obviously unaware eyes?? The rod
  6. Inspired by Janet's recent post 'A GOOD DAY' and her pictures, stirred my roots, they go back almost 60 years, to 'the moor' in Redbourn and my Father fashioning a hook from a pin, tying this to a length of button thread and cutting a hazel stick to use as a fishing rod, bread bait and minows. Progressing by the time I was 7 to the Grand Union canal, three penneth of 'gentles' in a tobacco tin, gudgeon, roach and perch. Been hooked ever since. As I say Janet's thread and pictures brought back those earliest memories, the pictures, reminded me of more recent times in the 80's when I fishe
  7. I think you might have hit the nail on the head Janet, not old, by modern standards, but believe me, one does feel pressure these days in sea fishing, I want fun, to relax. Sea fishing can get a bit OTT I find sometimes, my competitive edge has long gone . . . believe me, my competitive edge had a 'competitive edge' in a previous life, I took no prisoners, but that was a whole different ball game. The idea of re discovering that early life of happy memories and total relaxation . . . as I say, its time to do some soul searching . . . ? SW
  8. Very interesting Janet, took me back 20+ years when I used to fish a similar looking pond, catch a similar stamp of fish and love every minute of it. Then one day, in the autumn, cold, wet and returning a net full of fish . . . I though there must be something better than this??? Not a good time in my life I have to say, approaching 40, milestone and all that . . . I searched for something better, tried trout/fly fishing . . . gets pricey, especially if you catch your limit in the first hour . . . Winding on, now facing the run up to retirement, another milestone in the distance, but ve
  9. Janet, those pictures were only taken with my Canon S50 Compact P&S . . . 5mmp's. Its a very old camera technology wise. SW
  10. Finally in the mire with the rest of you, my link has stopped working this morning but then new one is working fine . . . SW
  11. Just tried it again, still OK for me, makes a change its usually me who is in the mire. SW
  12. There you go, its smoke and mirrors . . . As my last post, I started to suspect . . . program related? I'm a happy man, thanks Steve Walker . . . SW
  13. I would read the as the program sees it as 240ppi in nef (RAW) As I dont shoot in raw at all, I dont know or have an issue? I wonder, did you try to re set the PS box to 300ppi? . . . OK Just tried it, I'm now confused myself, cos you can adjust the 'ppi' up!!! I put a 'RAW-nef' image up to 600ppi!!! Begs the question is 240 the ppi rate that 'nef' is set to in the camera or is it the way PS defaults? A can of worms or what . . . SW PS, I'm just going to bounce along, with the basic knowledge . . . for get the techie stuff, and enjoy my photography, seem to remember Ken Ro
  14. Out on the boat Bassing again yesterday. I particularly like this picture, 'Ready for the net', the water swirling as the fish swims. See full report and a couple more pics in the Sea Fishing section, 'A relaxing days bass fishing'? Ready for the net: It was especially hard to get, as I was on my own on the boat, playing the fish, it still had some go in it, tried one earlier, played it out to long and it laid over on its side, that did not look good. SW
  15. Not wishing to ruffle any feathers, but the original post 'Fuji cameras' by Janet took a direction re the above . . . Mulled it over in my mind since then, not to sure of true understanding whats going on?? So, as I new that my cameras were set at 'X' dots per inch . . . first where did I get this information . . . it finally came to me, when I re-size a picture, the drop down menu, gives, in the case of my Canon S50 compact, 180 pixels per inch, in the case of the Nikon D80 its 300ppi. I vaguely remember these figures used to be talked of in reviews, cant recall this in recent times
  16. Yep, thats what I was looking for, a 'Lazy day afloat'. Put the anchor out and watch the fish bit . . . yeh Mentioned in the week to member how the Outer Ridge has been known to throw up the od decen bass, loked at the forcast . . . why not. Got a few peelers, some monster rag and a freezer full of squid. The outer ridge is only a half-hour steam from the marina, almost flat calm, loverly, then I spied in the mist a small trawler. O'well I'm here now, give it try. To cut a story short, all I did was feed the crabs for an hour. Back in to the river, wasted 90 minuts of the new tide, as
  17. I am backing out of this one before it kicks off, I'm not going to be in the middle like the RAW/Exif fiasco. Yes its a printing thing, I am a time served printer, the spec., on a camera states clearly, XXX no. of pixels per inch, I assume that relates to; Y inches x Y inches at 300dpi = XXXX mega pixels = a print Z" x Z". As I say thats it, I'm out of here. SW
  18. I think the reviews are good for evaluating usability and processing in their various forms with respect to cameras. However, regardless of sensor size, the more pixels per inch, potentially the finer the image will be. No different to news papers pictures and fine quality images in books. In the simplest of terms, its down to the number of 'dots per inch', less dots the courser and lacking in detail will be the picture. The way processing is don in the camera, that is another story, wont go there cos we get into JPEG, RAW and all that (rap So, lets keep it simple, the 'more pixels
  19. Are you right about the cropping Rob? Large mega pixel counts on compacts or, any camera, boasting 10 million pixels. Look closely at the spec., ods on, compacts will only be, at best, 180 pixels per inch A3'ish print size. The 6mp D40 type DSLR will have 300ppi, smaller potential print size A4'ish but a much finer image . . . to crop if so desired. Think hard on that one, its 'pixels per inch' that determines crop size/quality and 'total megapixels' that determines practical print size . . . I'm no Einstein but I think thats works out about right? My advise is wait, high megapixel com
  20. We see this one so often, the poster very quickly realises they need flexibility, modern compact do an amazing job, I have 3!!! But when it comes to serious picture taking, I still reach for the DSLR. I hate being that predictable but its true. The problem starts in my mind with budget on the one hand, advise on the other and the middle ground of sensibility with out prejudice, and all at a budget? Janet, you will be asking the same question in a few months time. Keep your money mounting, enjoy your compact. My feeling is that you really want the flexibility of a DSLR. So, should the
  21. Grabbed a few hours bass fishing on the boat Sunday evening, tides worked in perfectly with the British Grand Prix on TV and me having a lay in in the morning The fishing was great, two of us, in 3 hours, boated around 20 bass, stop counting at half a dozen each They ranged from sprat size to a nice 40cm fish, all went back to fight another day, great fishing on super light tackle . . . then to be rewarded with this sunset: Early, dark and moody . . . Half an hour later . . . My favourite . . . just . . . These are as the camera saw them, I did have to adjust th
  22. Brian Carragher, Here is a blown up picture of my previous boat installation, best I could do on quality/size combination. It shows clearly how the 'quick set holder', holds the rod in place with the geometry of the rod retainer, pressure on the front leg from the rod butt, holds the rear leg down. For me it works fine, but I emphasize again, I do know those who cant get on with the requirement to be very 'aware' as you place the rod in the holder. SW
  23. The rod holders I use are the 'Berkley Quick Set'. Used them for a couple or three years on two different boats. At £12 a pop (last time I looked) from Harris Angling I think they are tops, not everyone's cup of tea, but they are my choice. ET
  24. Frankly Janet, I think if you are now happy again, dont worry. Getting into calibration was a headache, IMHO, my previous monitor was fine calibrated with a simple on line free-bee, originaly initiated by 'Poldark' if my memory serves me? Be interested in you assessment of the book in the future? I'm having trouble finding another two for the competition, got a couple as standbys, could always put the bass picture in ? SW
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